If you have not had a chance to listen to my radio show on Friday, March 1st, I encourage you to do so.  


Clark McClelland was my guest and he reveals some very important information there.  (This show broke all the Revolution Radio records for numbers of listeners!)  It appears he is wrong about the craft (not about what he saw but about who owns it and how it got there) regarding the Kecksburg incident but this photo that he took (is in his ebook) of the craft, and specifically the writing on the craft, may match the so-called alien writing found by this man down in Florida, the same year (1965) … to me this is no coincidence.


Take a look at this case:


And this photo:

Photo Clark took at Kecksburg (what Clark thinks is a nosecone from a 3MV4 Venera).. (Russian space probe) supposedly headed to Venus when it crashed although he says it was guided down, redirected and changed directions a number of times and then “landed”.  Whereas Clark is probably wrong about this being Russian, in theory it could have even belong to the US.. secret space program that was well underway beneath the cover of NASA and the surface space program even then.  It appears to be somewhat crude in construction… Could this have been created by humans working with ET helpers… to craft some facsimile of a space vehicle and this was a ‘test run’ ?  The writing can actually help power the thing if you listen to what’s being done in the area of holograms and holographic writing, Stan Tenen pioneered this….

Regardless compare the two sets of “ET” writing and I see similarities… I would say this may be the same group of visitors.

Regarding Clark on my show… What many people will miss, is the truth he revealed.. which no one has (except a few Camelot witnesses on occasion), have had the guts to say in public.  But you must listen carefully.  When he refuses to answer a question that TELLS YOU WHERE TO LOOK!!  When he answers quickly and to the point that is key info.

This is a very intelligent man, (suffice to say my “IQ” is higher just for the record if you believe that measurement which I do not but that is another subject). 

Among other things he says:

1.  ETs are walking the streets of every town in America.

2.  Gold has key properties that was used to reach the moon and protect craft passing through the Van Allen Belt.

3.  Anunnaki as described by Sitchin are instrumental behind the scenes and he witnessed them working with astronauts on the space station and a colleague witnessed a similar scene with regard to a completely different mission.  He believes he was let go from NASA as a result of seeing this.  Although it was clear his avid curiosity and ability to research and put two and two together while on the job at NASA made him, for them. a dangerous man. He simply knew too much.

4.  He stated a large craft of the beings from Aldebaran is parked outside our atmosphere observing and planning some operation to redirect matters on Planet Earth in the not too distant future.

5.  That back in ’91 he saw through a telescope a craft/planetary object using a star as an energy source and surrounded by what he calls a DYSON SPHERE.  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyson_Sphere

He figures the craft/planet was headed here at half the speed of light (which is… Correction: The speed of sound is at about 344 m/s and the speed of light is at about 3 X 10 8 m/s) … It was at that time outside the borders of our solar system… (Note that a telescope in ’91 had the power to see beyond the border of our solar system?)

6.  He says both Challenger and Columbia were sabotaged.  He talks about a “beam of light” hitting the shuttle (making some of the crew sick) a particle beam weapon operating back in 1986.

And much more.  Regardless of where he may reach a wrong conclusion his info is dead-on.  He can’t help himself.  His recall of details is phenomenal for someone in his condition and age being beamed with constant electromagnetics and mind control.  This is his genetic heritage keeping him alive.  Combination of Celtic and German genes.

Note how many times he says “I’m sorry my head hurts”… He was being targeted during the show by an EMP device attempting to confuse him and take him off track.


Do not miss this show!!!


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