Added note:  For those of you sending me other Joe Matheny-type info etc.

Here is Joe on my Livestream Camelot Roundtable :  Time Wave Zero


This a special request to the Camelot Community…..for you to use whatever means you have to look into this situation without attracting undue attention.  If you choose not to get involved that is totally fine and just disregard this message.  

As you may know, I have been putting together a Camelot conference called Awake & Aware 2013 which was originally supposed to be located in Joshua Tree, California.  The conference is scheduled for the weekend of April 5, 6, & 7th.  The theme is TIME TRAVEL & OTHER WORLDS.  This conference is moving ahead and been relocated to the Los Angeles area,

Strangely enough my business partner in this venture, Joe Matheny, has disappeared.  He has been missing for about 3 weeks.  Neither me nor another close friend of his have heard back from him on email or phone in all this time.  Today I received word from someone who works with him in Joshua Tree and she and the people in their community who know him have not heard from him either.  They are contacting me wondering where he is.

His company, J-topia was on all the posters and he was supposed to have made arrangements with a local venue in Joshua Tree where we were going to hold the conference.  The weekend he disappeared he was going to get the paperwork signed on the venue.

I am sending this request out to the Camelot Community to find out if Joe is safe and make sure he is not being harmed in some way and to garner assistance through positive energy and intention to also protect him as necessary.  

It is not my intention to get local law enforcement involved.  I feel this is something the people who live and work with him should decide, not me.  On the other hand, if he is in danger and needs help I would like to make this network available to him in case someone can help him.

Joe is a very well known author, software developer and multi-talented guy…. he has several websites.. including the popular   where he features his cult Time Travel novel ONG’S HAT.  For him to simply disappear and not reach out is extremely strange.  He was the instigator of the conference having approached me because he had moved to Joshua Tree and was setting up his own land and wanted to do a creative project that would bring business to the local area and inspire people to become familiar with his own growing community, J-topia.

The last conversation I had with Joe, was a conference call with another person who works from time to time with Camelot.  Both of us thought Joe would be in touch and was actively involved in making this conference happen.  

The only clue I have regarding Joe’s disappearance is that he had been having some legal problem with regard to his land in Joshua Tree that had surfaced rather unexpectedly about 3 weeks prior to his last phone call with us.  He was working hard trying to resolve that issue.  But that is all I know.

Joe is a master techie.  He writes artificial intelligence and there is probably nothing he can’t do in the tech arena.  He is something of a legend in this area.  Which is why not having any email or communication is extremely strange.  Up to now I didn’t want to go public about his disappearance to protect his right to privacy.  However, at this point too much time has elapsed and I am concerned for his well being.  I do want to be sure that he is safe and not being harmed in some way.

We are assuming this is may be a direct attack on Joe to stop the conference from happening.  Time Travel seems to be a very hot issue that the PTB do not want revealed.  It is of course also possible Joe has gone off the grid for some other more personal reason. 

Your help at this time would be appreciated.  No names will be published or information revealed unless your permission given for whatever you choose to contribute.  If you have any information please contact:  [email protected]