UPDATE 2/28/13:  THIS VIDEO IS APPARENTLY NOT JAMES MCCANNEY ….BUT A HOAX OF SOME KIND.** (see a copy of his statement below or go to this link to view:


Strangely enough… what I said about my whistleblower data still holds true.  Whereas the info contained in this video may not be the opinion of James McCanney, it is what I have heard from more than one whistleblower and also matches my intuitive take on this data.

According to James McCanney will soon be deleted from youtube.  SEE A COPY OF HIS STATEMENT BELOW OR GO TO HIS WEBSITE TO VIEW.


Original post:   This is good information and matches my whistleblower info…

 (wrong link was posted… here is the correct one)




February 27, 2013 posting … !!!!!!!!!!!!!  EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT … DISINFORMATION UPDATE !!!! THE DISINFO CREW IS AT IT AGAIN … AT LEAST 2 YOUTUBE POSTINGS ARE TRYING TO IMPERSONATE ME AND PASS FALSE INFORMATION … there are at least 2 youtube videos posted recently by nameless disinformation agents placing my voice making it look like i am saying that a planet X object is coming into the solar system at this time … THIS IS NOT TRUE … I AM NOT SAYING ANY SUCH THING … AND THIS IS WHY I NEVER POST ON YOUTUBE OR ANY OTHER MEDIUM EXCEPT MY OWN WEB PAGE … what they have done is chopped segments of a 2004 program of mine and posted a february 2013 date on the face and posted on youtube under 2 different names making it sound like i am stating planet X object is now in the solar system … then in the listener comments they of course post many slams trying to make me look like a nut case making false predictions of planet X … I AM CURRENTLY WORKING WITH YOUTUBE TO HAVE THESE POSTINGS REMOVED …