What are the odds, that on the same day as an Asteroid, anticipated and expected, would come within an unusually close proximity to the Earth, that Russia (and Cuba ?) would be bombarded by meteors in a way not seen for centuries?  What are the odds?  Something wicked this way comes…

I cannot believe that this is merely a coincidence.  So then, what is it?  How is it that this timing is so particular, so exact?  What is really going on here?

Whereas, I have no doubt that we are most probably entering times when Meteor showers may well occur.. in fact, I have even had dreams in which I have seen them.  But I also am very well aware that we have installations here on this planet left behind by ancient aliens (as they are called), previous inhabitants, to shoot down anything incoming that should threaten humanity.  This has been revealed by whistleblowers to us.  And indeed even without that, knowing that we are living among a rogue civilization better known as the Secret Space Program, this technology is most assuredly part of the many capabilities “they” have to deal with same.

So what then is going on here?  Is there a war going on over our heads in our skies that we are not aware of, in spite of the numerous sightings of “ufos” or identified flying objects, really craft from visitors and our own?  Are they engaging in skirmishes that have finally become all but impossible to keep hidden?  Is this latest fly over by an “asteroid” dubbed 2012 DA 14 actually an aimed beacon on a trajectory with a purpose?  Are the so-called “meteors” over Russia something else entirely?

According to this article in MSN:

Scientists the world over, along with NASA, insisted the meteor had nothing to do with the asteroid since they appeared to be traveling in opposite directions. The asteroid is a much more immense object and delighted astronomers in Australia and elsewhere who watched it zip harmlessly through a clear night sky.” – msn news

Methinks they doth protest too much… I don’t buy it.  These two occurences are not random as they would have you believe.  I think we have something going on here that is much more complex.  The hidden war above our heads is a secret emerging from behind the curtain of the 4th dimension… As we move into this arena, fully entering into the galactic frontier of our future, the secrecy is fraying.  And these ploys will no longer serve to keep the masses in the dark.  This time, it seems, their Great Secret is safe within the confines of their walls of silence.  But I can see, that this marks a new era, where ever increasing desperation, to hide the truth of the exopolitical arena in which we live is becoming more impossible by the day.  And soon, people will no longer be deceived when glass is breaking not only in windows but in the very fabric of their lives that they can’t help but look up and question.  What is going on above their heads?  Can they remain in the dark forever or is the dawn just now breaking on a new and more terrible and more incredible tomorrow.  One that, as souls, they hunger for, even as they run, covering their heads beneath the flashes of light nearly, as bright, as the sun.


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