The white light from the missile cannot be generated by other objects.

Reason:  Normal burning causes red glow max. To get other colours that are indicators of more energy (higher temp) more oxygen is required.  Only solid rocket fuel and other oxygen generating engines can produce such effects. So it must have been a missile on this evidence alone.

Double check all I said with meteor and missile experts.

This, each piece of evidence I have just given you, is indisputable and non-ambiguous ie it is conclusive of one fact: it was a missile.

Also, it had a corkscrew trail.  A corkscrew trail is only possible with missiles…

Any experts out there who want to weigh in on this claim email me at

It is not as crazy an idea as you might think.  If you look at the info I posted originally on the Meteors over Russia you will see that certain people in Russia were claiming that the Russian military ‘shot it down’….

12:24 GMT: The military had nothing to do with the aerial meteorite explosion, the Urals Emergency Ministry said: “Russia’s defense ministry took no action connected to the incident. No aircrafts has been registered in the air at the given period of time.” Earlier, there were unconfirmed reports that the military had shot down the falling meteorite, shattering it into pieces.

It is also interesting that this article states:

15:42 GMT: NASA said that the Chelyabinsk fireball had nothing to do with the approaching 2012 DA14 asteroid, as some scientists had previously suggested.