All advertising on the Home Page is located on the right hand side of the web pages (on under “From our Sponsors”.  All other pages have ads placed below the top section of the header.


Note:  Camelot Newsletter ads are also available… price per send to our 17,000 subscriber base is $125 per Newletter for  180×180 banner or special pricing for large ads with text.  Contact:  [email protected]

Also consider becoming a Sponsor at our Awake & Aware 2013 Time Travel & Other Worlds Conference

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There are two available options:

1. Banner Ad = $575 / month  (only the 180 X 180 pixel square banner, 32,400 square pixel area).

2. Text Ad = $175 / month (61 characters one line, Arial Font size 12)


Special Offers

Offer 1: Buy a banner ad for 3 months, paying for 3 months in advance, and receive one Text ad for 3 months (a $525 value).

Offer 2: Buy a banner ad for 6 months, paying for 6 months in advance, and receive two Text ads for 6 months (a $2,100 value).

Offer 3: Buy a  text ad for 3 months, paying for 3 months in advance, and receive one Text ad for 1 month (a $175 value)  


Traffic and demographics

Project Camelot Portal has over 1.5 million visitors per month. When we have new releases that can increase to around 2.5 million visitors per month.  

Terms and conditions

Preferred payment by Paypal, to:  [email protected]

Monthly payments should be submitted 3 days prior to the beginning of each ad period by check made payable to:

Project Camelot

638 Lindero Canyon Road, Suite 277
Oak Park, CA 91377


Please contact us with any questions:

Email: [email protected] with “ADVERTISING” in Caps in the subject line or “AD QUESTION” in Caps in the subject line. 


Thank you for supporting Project Camelot.



Please send your ad along with payment:

For Banners:

  • Your ad must be 180 X 180 pixels
  • File formats: jpg, png, gif
  • Links (we need the anchor link that you want the ad to point to)
  • How many months the space is paid for – please indicate the date of your paypal payment.


For Text Links:

  • Your ad must be no more than 61 characters in length, Arial font size 12
  • Links (we need the url link that you want the ad to point to as well as a title for the
  • How many months the space is paid for – please indicate the date of your paypal payment.



Project Camelot will only accept ads from companies and services in alignment with our goals and commitment to create a better world. This includes products that are earth friendly and not harmful to health or well being of plants, animals and humans. We appreciate your support and thank you for all you do.


This site may contain second and third party advertisements and links to these sites. Project Camelot does not make any representation as to the accuracy or suitability of any of the information contained in those advertisements or sites and does not accept any responsibility or liability for the conduct or content of those advertisements and sites and the offerings made by the parties involved.  Advertisements and links to other sites where goods or services are advertised are not endorsements or recommendations by Project Camelot of the third party sites, goods or services. Your access to or use of them is at your own risk.

 Project Camelot further reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertising which does not meet the approval of the guidelines endorsed by the Project Camelot Website criteria.



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