Update 2:  

Word is that Duff at VTN says they confirmed the story on the Japanese UFO.


Update:  www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/11/ufo-crash-off-japan-coast_n_2272765.html

According to several sources this story is a hoax. But is it a “sandy hook” level hoax or just false from beginning to end?  Thanks to the bogus quality of news around the clock coming out of and from the Matrix News Machine one can never really know for sure.  And that, of course, is exactly what they want you to think.  

The objective is to reach to entirely opposite conclusions and (the aliens-AI-cabal) running this planet hope, your brain won’t be able to hold both ideas simultaneously so they ‘cancel each other out’ and you are left with a void or null quotient or “?”   On the other hand, if you are smart enough your brain can and does hold opposite and degrees of opposite easily all at once and you still ‘grok’ the truth.

In this case, it doesn’t matter if “this story” is true because both things “do” exist.  Dead fish (it happens) and UFOs off the coast of Okinawa (crashed and otherwise) are all over in our skies, seas and yes our military builds and flies them too.  So despair not grasshopper.  There is hope yet for humanity.

Regarding responsible reporting, Veterans Today should refer to their source as an “news for entertainment’s sake” site if indeed that is what it is…  On the other hand.  Being steered by the CIA.  In the intel biz where there’s smoke there’s often fire.  So don’t discount something just because it’s “just entertainment”.  Some of the best truths are revealed as entertainment… It’s called preserving plausible deniability and they love keeping their options open.


It will be interesting to see how this story morphs and gets explained away…


“I can confirm to you the dead fish appearing on Okinawa’s coast is a direct result of the UFO crash,” said the source. “We have scientists stationed on the JS Kurama, the vessel at sea responsible for bringing the spacecraft up to the surface, and they have informed the Prime Minister they believe a strange substance is oozing from the damaged ship and causing noxious fumes to rise to the surface. Not only is it killing any surrounding fish in the immediate vicinity but the fumes are making it difficult for the salvage crew aboard the ship to breath. The salvage operation has been halted for several hours due to this new development. The scientists fear a new and very dangerous alien chemical is infiltrating the seas and thus killing sea life.” — Veterans Today, quoting source from “deep inside the Japanese government”  www.veteranstoday.com/2013/01/17/ufo-blamed-for-millions-of-dead-fish-off-okinawa/ 

Apparently the Japanese Prime Minister is already moving to close down all access to this story:

The Japanese Prime Minister, Yoshihiko Noda, has signed an executive order restricting Japanese media from covering the UFO crash. Several news agencies based in the Pacific nation have quietly filed numerous protests with the Prime Minister’s office. They have yet to receive any comment as of this morning, Inothernewz.com has learned.” — Veteran’s Tdoay quoting Inothernewz.com



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