Here is the Camelot in Egypt group about to leave our hotel to explore 🙂  This is a fabulous trip and we are so happy to be here.

We went to the Cairo museum and had the place virtually to ourseleves (usually the place is mobbed by tourists!!).  But the PTB did their job and frightened away the faint-of-heart.  We are the LIGHT WARRIORS and this group did not hesitate to see through the smoke screen that has been erected to keep tourists away from Egypt at this CRUCIAL TIME OF ENERGETIC INFLOW ONTO THE EARTH AND GIZA…

We were told nearly 80% of the tourism in Egypt is down due to the press blowing the revolution and protests out of proportion.  The museum is right next door to Tahrir square… We were perfectly safe and enjoyed serene access to browse the museum for hours without the normal crowds.

There is no doubt those in power do not want ‘those of the light’ in the Pyramids or in the temples of Egypt during the shift.  They even closed the Great Pyramid on 12-12-12, a day I awoke feeling a massive influx of energy and became ill from the fierce battles going on between light and dark to take back the Giza plateau and Stargates for the light.  

The fact that they closed the Great Pyramid on 12-12-12 is clear evidence they are afraid of what the power of the light can do embodied in the light warriors who are emerging at this time.

We will be in the Great Pyramid on the 20th and on the plateau and nearby pyramids including Saquarra on the 18th & 19th and 21st.. holding the light!  Join Us wherever you are on Planet Earth in love and light.  Lift the shroud of darkness from this Planet.  Let Gaia be released to breathe free!





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