Interviewer:  Kerry Cassidy

October, 2012

This person disappeared shortly after this interview was conducted.  I have changed and removed any personal information to protect his identity.  The following has not been reviewed by him and has not been verified.  However, the testimony is substantial and if true, is extremely important.

Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot


Kerry: Please tell me if you want this to be recorded, or transcribed into a written document . . . we can do that as well.

WVW: I would like, the first time, for it to be transcribed.

Kerry: All right, so we’ll do that. Let’s proceed.

WVW: Now, let me do one more thing here, please. This is the world government. In my state, and . . . what you do is you find a stupid state, it’s called “grain state.” You find a state where you can bring all the pieces of the puzzle together. You could not do that in California; you could not do that in Nevada. You have to find a state where nobody’s watching.

So Jay Rockefeller is here, Senator Byrd’s here, his mansion is here. I mean, what they’ve done is turn this state into a place where they can join the world governments together in one place.

Kerry: I appreciate that.

WVW: This has got the richest banking system, possibly — possibly — in the entire world, [and it] sits smack-dab in the center of the city where I live. But I’ll tell you about the oil and gas first of all, okay.

Kerry: Go right ahead.

WVW: I will say that in the state of West Virginia I can’t even tell you how many wells they are drilling on a daily basis. I can tell you a location where they’re bringing hundreds of trucks on a daily basis to draw water out of the water streams of West Virginia. All of the water streams of West Virginia, most of the water streams, feed north because of the Appalachian Mountains. We’re a very unusual state, so our water feeds Pittsburg. It doesn’t go south, it feeds Pittsburg. It makes a hard turn, then heads down the Mississippi River — goes down the Ohio River.

And in the process of this, what they’re doing is taking the water in the state of West Virginia and they are drilling what they call “Marcellus wells.” Marcellus wells. They’re drilling one mile deep approximately. And [within] that one mile, they can shoot out anywhere from one minimum leg — out one mile in one direction, or however long they want it to go — out to ten wells per single hole one mile deep.

So you go one mile deep, and in ten different directions, without even telling when they are going on their property. When they do that, they have to put water down in the well, to supposedly — they’re saying they are releasing gases. But what they are doing is they’re putting fuming sulfuric acid. You have to look that up on the internet. It was made by a guy out of Russia, and it was made by Armand Hammer, a communist.

Kerry: Is this the same thing as fracking?

WVW: Oh yeah, but they’re not using dishwashing liquid. If you use this chemical, fuming sulfuric acid, it’s fracking. So what they do is they go down and they act like they’re doing it safely. They’re not doing it safely. Chesapeake’s doing it; everybody is doing it. It’s for Jay Rockefeller — Standard Oil.

Kerry: Okay.

WVW: What they do is, they put this chemical in the ground called fuming sulfuric acid, and it cooks. I mean, it literally cooks the ground one mile deep and creates a gas under 50,000 pounds of pressure.

Kerry: Wow, okay.

WVW: Can you start to understand that pressure? You’re talking about the Gulf getting a methane bubble . . . they are making a methane bubble under the entire state of West Virginia. And it is methane.

Kerry: Yes, I have whistleblower testimony to that effect, that they’re actually going all the way up through the —

WVW: Through Pennsylvania etc., but they started it here. In your direction of conspiracy, what you do is, when you end World War II you bring all your German scientists to the state of West Virginia and some states where they don’t expect to see them. Then they get money from the federal government, under programs — and I’m serious — we have a program called [NERC?], National Energy Research.

It gets money from the federal government, which is just one block away from it. The husband is in charge of the West Virginia University side, and who is in charge of the federal side, is his wife. You see, there’s something wrong. And they’ve got names like Zimkovicz, Yosovitch, Belovitch, you know what I mean? Yeah, something’s very wrong.

So what they’ve done is they have taken all the oil, coal, and gas. [name removed] was in the coal industry during World War II. He invented the augur; he was involved in making what they call the “continuous miners” where an arm goes up and down and cuts a big hole in the ground. So if you hear of tunnels, it’s [removed] machine’s that are making the tunnels.

Kerry: Okay.

WVW: This guy was “Mr. Coal USA” — maybe the world, I don’t know. He was very big in coal. And what they did is . . . they need the property, because when you drill down this one mile deep, you have to have the surface rights to the property. They’re not worried about who has the mineral rights; it’s whoever has the surface rights to the property [is who] has the rights to the gas that comes out of the ground. And it’s not a little gas, it’s a lot of gas.

So when they do these wells they’re using fuming sulfuric acid — and you’ll have to excuse me because I jump all over the place. But they use fuming sulfuric acid, which is absolutely — would gnaw the body off of the bones within a matter of ten to fifteen seconds if a car was falling and hit the back of the truck. It’s bad stuff.

Kerry: Yep. I understand.

WVW: They try to act like it’s Ivory dishwashing liquid because it’s Chesapeake, you get it? All the people are doing it. Dominion [Mining] is doing it. It’s out of control.

Kerry: Yes.

WVW: And the problem is, when they bring the water out they’ve got to add an alkaline to it, because when you have an acid you’ve got to cool off the acid. Otherwise it will kill everything in its path. So they have to add an alkaline to it, and the alkaline turns it into salt water: 35-45% weight water. So if one gallon of water normally weighs, let’s see; a cubic foot of water weighs about 62 pounds. You take that 62 pounds and you turn it into 100 pounds. It’s bulk salt.

Now, you’ve got to have a way to get rid of the water. The issue is, they’ve been doing this for a long time. Ten years, at least, in this state. And no one knows this. So they take the salt, and what they did is they used to drop it down what they call “deep wells,” and the deep wells were only maybe probably a couple of tens of thousands of feet deep, maybe 10,000 feet deep. [Actually] a lot less than that. But only five 5,000 pounds of pressure. Well, when you’ve got 5,000 pounds of pressure, it finds its way out. It heads down the Mississippi River.

Now we’ve got salt water increasing in the ocean, with loads of water you’re talking 2 million to 20 million gallons of water per hole in West Virginia. Now imagine that. And this water coming up turns out to be 30-40% salt. They’ve got to get rid of the water. Where is the water? It goes down the rivers, into the ocean.

Kerry: Okay.

WVW: Now imagine that; we’re talking up to 35-45% salt in a solution coming out of these wells. And I just spoke to a guy two days ago and he said he had a [buddy] that was working on one of the water treatment facilities that was treating the water where they were putting alkaline solution in the fuming sulfuric acid coming out of these wells. He put his arm into it. He said for three days this guy’s arm stung like crazy. He said that’s not even the issue; he said the issue is, the water is radioactive? They did a test in the state of West Virginia at a water supply here — Hartford Water Supply — and they sent a sample down to West Virginia Environmental Control or whatever, and this has been years ago. When they sent the sample down, they said it was so hot, don’t dare drop that water into the water — it’s that bad. It’s radioactive . . . it’s putrid water.

Kerry: So, is this water in the rivers?

WVW: Oh, yeah. They’re not going to tell you this. No one’s going to tell you they are dumping water in the rivers. They’re pouring the water out of the rivers. So you’ll drive in locations around West Virginia you’ll see maybe a hundred trucks, in a line, getting water from the water streams in West Virginia, which takes away from what goes up to Pittsburg. You’re now deleting the water to clean water supplies. And now all of a sudden you’re taking maybe fifty, [or] a hundred trucks, I mean the lines of these trucks going to some of these locations is just unbelievable. And they are 2,000 gallons per tanker.

You could never do this in Oklahoma; you could never do this anywhere else, it’s too obvious. In West Virginia it seems like nobody says [anything] because . . . we’re West Virginia. We believe what we’re told. We believe Jay Rockefeller is on the up-and-up — and he’s an absolute crook, cheater, liar, thief. And he is with the Harrimans, he’s working with George Bush. It’s pathetic what’s going on in my state.

Kerry: Right. I hear you.

WVW: You don’t even have a clue how bad it is. If you control the state of West Virginia — they moved Enron to West Virginia, Enron. E-N-R-O-N, they moved to West Virginia, Buckhannon, West Virginia. It came here. Imagine that. It never died. It came to Buckhannon, West Virginia, and everything else came to the northern part of West Virginia, which is the —

You do understand the Catholic and the Protestant war, correct? There’s a war going on in the world. You know that. [Very brief pause.] You don’t know?

Kerry: Well, I wouldn’t quite describe it that way. But I mean I’m happy to hear however you look at it.

WVW: I’m beyond the way. The sad part about it is I can tell you who the next king of the world will be. I can tell you who the next king will be, and why.

Kerry: All right, why don’t you tell me? Go ahead.

WVW: I think it’ll be actually Prince William because what he did is, when he joined to the north, to what they call Oxford School, he became a Stuart. The Stuarts are the — I call them the “-ishes” — they’re the Irish, the Scottish, the Mannish, the British, Belgianish, the Frenchish, you get it? So when he chose to join with Oxford, they turned him back into a Catholic, which means he’s got a right to Luxembourg. Luxembourg is the last, what they call a duchy — Luxembourg is the last duchy in the world. It’s the last one. There were seven duchies that decide who the next Roman emperor would be. Luxembourg is the last one that exists, there are no others.

Kerry: Okay.

WVW: When Pope Pius XII was running around with Hitler, he wanted simply control of who [were] the next electors of the next Roman emperor of the world. So he took control of all the duchies. That’s what World War II — people don’t realize what happened. So Pope Pius took control of all that. There’s only one duchy left, which is under the control of the infallible pope. The pope will anoint the next king of the world; the next king of the world will most likely be William.

Kerry: Okay. Yeah, I hear you.

WVW: Because he’s become a [Catholic] — he’s chosen Roman Catholics.  And they want to end the war. The final war will be. It’s a shame to say this, it is a Catholic-type war, but it’s how you create an inclusionist-type society. So they joined the Muslims to the radical Muslims — I mean, there’s so many things going on, that you’ve got to understand what’s going on. And you start to realize, they’ve pulled it off.

Now I could tell you about the war, but like I say, the water — I’ve seen them dumping in the creeks. I had video, and I don’t know if I still have it from where they dumped in the creeks. I shot pictures of it. It makes me mad because it just goes on, and no one says nothing. But when you’ve got one, to two, to five, to ten million of gallons of water a day that’s got to be dumped somewhere, [and] they’re not dumping it in places where it can be done properly. It’s dangerous crap.

Kerry: Right.

WVW: It’s dangerous crap — we’re talking about mercury. . . .

Kerry: Listen, what are you saying the water is consisting of? Have you had it tested, or how do you know . . .?

WVW: I don’t know if they would give you the test. I could give you the name of a person who did a test on the water when it came back. They said don’t dare put this water in the water, it’s that bad.

Kerry: I understand.

WVW:  They used to make bricks out of coal, out of the coal ash that came off of coal. They made bricks, and they had to stop making the bricks because they were loaded with radioactivity and mercury. They had to stop. But they did a test —

Kerry: Well, that was a long time ago, wasn’t it? Even then, you’re saying?

WVW: That was probably fifteen years ago on the bricks. But as far as the water was tested, it was probably about six to eight years ago they did the test on the water. And they were dropping the water facilities because they were making money — money is the big thing.

Kerry: Right.

WVW: And they were making money, and when they did the test, the West Virginia EPA came back and simply said they [water samples] were tested. But they were tested and they found out the water, it was beyond imagination dangerous. I don’t know if you can pull that, that was done by the state of West Virginia.

Kerry: But are you talking about drinking water? Or are you talking about water in the rivers?

WVW: Oh, I’m talking about water that goes down rivers to the next city, which would be Fairmont. From Fairmont it goes to Morgantown; from Morgantown it goes to Pittsburg. Yeah, they were dumping it straight in the water.

Kerry: I’m sorry, does the water become drinking water? Does it go into the filtration?

WVW: Yeah, it goes into drinking water, absolutely. These are rivers. This feeds the water all the way down the Mississippi.

Kerry: I see.

WVW: So all this water, all this radioactivity, is not being removed; it’s just being . . . they’re lowering the — what they told me they were doing is they were lowering the concentration of the salt. So they can add maybe a thousand gallons to maybe twenty gallons of water. You understand, they were diluting. The problem was, the radioactive materials were staying in the water, along with the mercury and the cadmium and all the other stuff that comes out of this process.

Kerry: Okay, where does the radioactivity come from, do you know?

WVW: It comes from the reaction with the minerals that are already in the earth. The reaction that comes from the fuming sulfuric acid. I can give you the name of the person that ran the test: his name was _______. There was a test run at the Clarksburg Waste Water Treatment Facility. You could probably ask them, they could probably tell you, except for they would know who told you.

Kerry: Right.

WVW: There’s a lot of mafia in my area, so I probably wouldn’t be in too good shape.

Kerry: Yes, I appreciate that. Well, can you talk a little bit about your background — why are you so knowledgeable? Don’t tell me your name, but just tell me something about your background. Don’t tell me, you know, too many exact details.

WVW: My background — well, I don’t expect you to put all this on there, anyway.

Kerry: Well, I am going to. . . .

WVW: My background is……

Kerry: Okay, but I want you to understand I am going to put out this transcript, and it’s going to have everything in it. I don’t edit anything out.

WVW: Well, I want you to take a good look at it. I want you to confirm what I’m saying, do you understand, I want you to confirm — and I’ve got someone else you could possibly talk to. I don’t know if they would talk to you, [but] I can give you the name of someone that would tell you how many wells they’re drilling a day. You might like that information.

Kerry: Okay.

WVW: I don’t know if he would want you to use his name.

Kerry: Well, you need to talk to that person first, because I don’t want to scare anyone. But you understand that I want you to tell your background now, so that people understand.

WVW: I’ve been dealing with water since [1992 removed to protect identity], in that area. My background is removal of chemicals and biologicals from water, that’s my background.

Kerry: I see.

WVW: And energy. I’ve worked with companies in different places in the world, with trying to bring about technology that would treat water on a very large municipal basis. So I worked capillary membrane technology — that’s the best of the best. I can remove all microbiology, that’s my background.

And I’m going to tell you I’m a Christian, I am a very honest person, so I’m not too much afraid of what someone can do to you. I don’t like that people are allowing things to happen, and I see what’s going on in this area and I realize this is not only the drilling and taking of water, do you understand? It’s also the taking of a control — of the gas, and the coal and the oil in this state by foreign powers. I see the EU [European Union] so involved in the state, it’s terrible.

Kerry: Can you describe what you mean by that? How do you see that evidence?

WVW: I’ve seen EU trucks involved in here; there’s British companies involved in an area about twenty or thirty miles away from myself. Dutch Shell’s here, BP’s here — they’ve got plants here in my state. A lot of people don’t realize this. We’re the largest chemical and plastics manufacturing state in the entire Union. We’re central. I mean, you got Jay Rockefeller here. The reason I say that is because I know some of the companies that have come up in this areas, and they’re British. And I’ve got BP and Dutch Shell on Route 2, which is on the Ohio River side of where I live.

So, I’ve got Dutch Shell, here; I’ve got BP, here. They are getting ready to build a conversion company that’s going to convert coal into gasoline. It’s a whole process. But they want control of everything. They’re taking control of all the coal, the oil, the gas.

There’s an old saying — and this is not for the record okay, if you don’t mind [19:34]. But there’s an old saying that Hitler, if he could have stopped any state in the Union, it would’ve been West Virginia, because this is where they’ve got all the energy to make all the ships. West Virginia was a primary source.

Kerry: I see.

WVW: So we were a primary source on supplying all the steel companies, from this state. And everybody knows that — at least people who want energy do. Energy is the new commerce. If you control the energy, you control the world. [Brief overlap of both speaking.] Go ahead, I’m sorry.

Kerry: Why don’t you want that saying to be out there? There’s nothing wrong with that saying.

WVW: I can’t guarantee that . . . I’ve heard that saying. I’ve heard it said that Hitler said that it if wasn’t for this state, West Virginia, if there is one state, he’d want this state, because we are seven, eight layers of coal; we’re loaded with oil, we’re loaded with gas. We’re loaded.

And what you do, if there’s a secret like this, you don’t tell [anybody] it’s here. Because then everybody looks at West Virginia and thinks this is a stupid place. No, we sit on the largest reserves of coal, oil, and gas in the world. And people don’t know this. I believe [removed] was murdered.

Kerry: Interesting. Yeah?

WVW: And [removed] was murdered. He was so involved in oil, gas, and coal with the federal government, with George Bush, with. . . . Big-time. [Oil money everywhere?]

Kerry: I hear you.

WVW: And I feel like West Virginia — and this is not for the record, please; this is not for the record [21:02]: I believe West Virginia from Pittsburg to Charleston, West Virginia has been turned into the “New World” place. The richest banks. And I am talking the richest banks in the world sit here.

Kerry: Okay, now why again, why is that statement not for the record? Can you clarify?

WVW: Well, I just would rather talk to someone like yourself. If you came here face-to-face, I’d take you around this area and I’d show you some things that would knock your socks off.

You would sit there and say, “What in the world am I going to Africa for? Why am I going here?” When I got saved, and I’m a Christian, when I got saved the Lord said: “Why are you going everywhere? Why aren’t you just staying home? This is where it’s at.”

And when you start to realize, this is probably the richest — there is no lack of money here. No lack of money. There [are] four gambling casinos; I’ve got four mobs in Clarksburg alone, four of the largest mafias in the world. Sicilian, [Calabreses], I’ve got them all. And you’ve got to realize the mob hangs around with the, I hate to say the Roman Catholics but, you know what I mean? But that’s what is going on. This area is controlled. We’ve got the largest dope traffic from Afghanistan, most likely coming in [through] the airport that’s only five or six miles away from where I live. Bill Clinton moved here.

Kerry: How do you know about the dope traffic?

WVW: The mafia. People who talk to me in this area.

Kerry: I see.

WVW: I’m just telling you, when they bring the planes in from Afghanistan you can’t check a plane that comes in on a military airport. This guy [removed] set up an airport, and I’m telling you too much stuff. You’re going to think I’m crazy.

Kerry: Well no, I don’t.

WVW: He was a part of setting up an airport here at Bridgeport, West Virginia, with the help of three congressmen, senators, everybody. They land the planes here, and I understand they pass it out to four of the mafia families here in Clarksburg. It moves to New York, it moves to Chicago, it moves everywhere. And Bill Clinton’s been, I mean Bill Clinton’s been here — no question mark — period. Bill Clinton’s been here. So if you ask me, meaning number one [for him having] moved to West Virginia — now I will call it meaning number two: I heard that Bill Clinton, his group, killed [removed], which was [removed] — was part of that airport.

Now I’m telling you too much. Like I say, I’ve been educated and I’d love to find someone who seems like they’re awake, and you do seem like you’re awake. But the story is a lot further than what you think it is, and it’s just about one step away from a One World Government, from everything being turned over. And I believe that . . . I don’t think that the president of the United States will ever step down from his position, whether he wins or loses. It doesn’t matter. It’s over. This is the last election; there will not be another election after this one.

Kerry: Yes, well this one’s a farce anyway, so. They’re both. . . .

WVW: Yes, this one is a farce. I feel like when you’ve got a Roman Catholic and you’ve got a Mormon running against a —

[Both laughing briefly.]

You get it? I’m saying — and I’m a Christian — I said, “Lord, is there even a Republican Party?” He says, “Nope. They are all gone.” And I said, “Yep, they are, aren’t they?” Because when you have the Roman Catholic, and you have a Mormon, and you have our convention closed by Timothy Dolan, which is a Roman Catholic next-to-pope, you know what I mean? I’m saying, “Did something happen? Was I asleep?” He [the Lord] said, “No, it just, it’s over. This is it.”

Kerry: Hmm.

WVW: So the One World Government is just about finished. They’re just doing the finishing touches, and I really do believe the finishing touches will be William.

Kerry: Yeah. Well, I’m going to leave it on the record, if you don’t mind, because this is good information, you know?

WVW: Read it and make sure the words aren’t improper. I mean, I’m sure you’re allowed to correct that — correct?

Kerry: Well, I am allowed to, but I mean, you sound pretty educated to me. It’s all good. If you want, I don’t know if I have your e-mail address . . . I guess I do —

WVW: You do. And I actually appreciate you calling me, because no matter what you’ll laugh when you see some of this stuff happening and how involved West Virginia is going to be in the next two to three months. You notice that none of the presidential candidates came nowhere near this state. Didn’t come nowhere near this state.

Kerry: All right.

WVW: You know why?

Kerry: No, why?

WVW: Because of the money. It’s the money. You’ve got to keep the attention [away] from here. Where was the last G-12 [meeting]? It was in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. That’s the head of the beast. They used to call West Virginia the “Beast of the East” — do you get it? And you start to realize, is there something wrong there? Yeah, they brought all the German scientists. George Bush has got a bank in the center of Clarksburg, George Bush, Sr. has got a bank, and they call it Union Banking Corporation. Can you imagine that?

Kerry: Sure.

WVW: And it was set up in a place called Chicago, Illinois, in a building called the Wacker Building. When you go to the Wacker Building, that’s Rothschilds and that is the, what is the other name . . . Harrimans. They’ve set up a bank in Clarksburg, West Virginia. It’s another Federal Reserve. Can you imagine?

Kerry: Very interesting.

WVW: Anyway, it’s been a pleasure. And yeah, I just appreciate someone listening to me, because sometimes I’ve got to blow, you know what I mean? Because no one around . . . there’s nothing we can do. It’s over.

Kerry: Well, you’re going to be surprised.

WVW: And that’s exactly where they think — they think I’m in a place where basically no one is going to listen in the first place. And if I get out of control, they’ll send a shooter down here. We have plenty of shooters in West Virginia. CIA shooters.

Kerry: Yes. Yes, I appreciate that.

WVW: So I don’t think I’ll be alive at the end of this year. I think I’ll probably be gone, and I’m not scared. Like I said, I love the Lord with all my heart.

Kerry: How old are you, approximately?

WVW: I’m [removed] years old, but I look like I’m _______. I’ve got a young constitution to me.

Kerry: Well, I hope you can remain, you know, healthy and alive. The one thing we’ll do, is we put this out there, and you’re looking for confirmation. What happens is, people will write in, call me, etc. — and they will give me confirmation.

WVW: Yeah, the water is where you start. Please don’t put all the other stuff about Hitler . . .

Kerry: Well no, I’m going to put it [in].

WVW: I’m telling you, this is the New World society. It’s already been set up. They brought peace. What you do is — and I’m going to educate you for a minute, if you don’t mind. Okay?

Kerry: All right, go right ahead.

WVW: In Germany, the war between Germany was not a war between the Germans and everybody else. It was a war between the Protestants in the north, which I call the Huguenots, vs. the Catholics and the Jews who didn’t care who they killed in the first place, in the south. The Jews who became a part of the S.S. came from Amsterdam. You get it?

So all of a sudden you’ve got a war taking place, and they wanted to kill the Huguenots. The Protestants, the true Protestants. Okay, it’s a religious war. And they won, because what they did is they handed it over to Russia and they killed the Protestants, and roughly about 60-70 million people died. So you have a war that takes place, and it’s the same identical war that’s been taking place for the last, jeez, a thousand five hundred years.

Except for it’s [come] to a place for the Roman Catholic pope is just about ready to put someone in charge, and they’re going to finish killing off the rest of what I call the “true Protestants,” the Huguenots. They’re not the Lutherans; they are a different group of people. And that’s what is getting ready to come across this world. I don’t mean to sound a little crazy, I just know what happened. I look at this stuff and I’m saying, it’s obvious what went on. Jews killed Jews. Jews were killing Jews. I go, wait a minute, that’s impossible.

Kerry: Okay, I appreciate that. What I want to know is, how do you know what you know? What is your background in this regard?

WVW: I read history, I love history. I read history like crazy. I can’t stop reading. I think that the greatest gift God gave on this earth, one of the greatest gifts was the internet. [Both laugh briefly.] Wikipedia!

[It] was people like you — it was you, too. And I can’t remember the guy’s name who talked about the Jews. I mean, some of the old people; I love seeing the YouTubes on the old people that tell the truth about what’s really going on in the world. You know what I mean?

Kerry: Yes.

WVW: And I see this stuff, and I’m hungry. And I’m so hungry I can’t get enough information. But as you look at the information, all of a sudden you’ve got a puzzle that builds like the game Risk — you know the game Risk — and all of a sudden you start getting the pieces put together and you go wait a minute, this is too obvious. Doesn’t no one else see this? It’s because everybody’s tied up with two or three jobs a day.

Kerry: Sure.

WVW: They’ve got everybody working so hard, and not only that, if you piss these people off they will give you nothing: they’ll close off the banks, they’ll close off everything. And that doesn’t bother me. I’m in a place where they can’t really . . . they can affect some…. but they can’t really do anything, and I’m a peasant to them in the first place. They just don’t expect anyone to ever listen.

If people realized how close we were to the final step of the One World Government — I’m going to tell you, you’re within two to three months. When they just bring it, it’s going to come down in one night. It’s going to be one night, they’re going to bring it down. And it’s almost too late. You’ve got a precious soul, and I love to watch you, you know what I mean; you’ve really got a hunger to find out what is the truth. And the sad part about is you get to a place where there’s nothing you can do. They’ve got control of everything, it’s that far out of control. It is the Masons, it is the Illuminati, but they are the unreligious part of the Illuminati, so they’re the unreligious Catholics, they’re the unreligious Protestants, the unreligious Jews — that’s who the Illuminati is. They are willing to do anything at any cost to reach a final goal, which simply puts them in charge.

I’m going to let you go and I’m sorry. I want to thank you, I can’t believe you actually called me. I really am telling you, you’ve got a precious soul about you, and . . .

Kerry: Thank you very much.

WVW: And like I say, my issue is, I went overseas for a good while, and when I went overseas my eyes opened up. I’ve been all over the world — my eyes opened like crazy. I’m a United States Marine.

Kerry: I see.

WVW: And my eyes opened like crazy. The problem is, the more my eyes opened, the more frustrated I became. And I came home and I actually realized that a lot of this stuff — I’m smack-dab in the center of what’s going on. I’m in the center of it.

Kerry: I appreciate that.

WVW: So I figured I’d escape what was going on by coming home, and I came here to find out the one thing they wanted: this state. If you come here to this area sometime I’ll give you a video that will knock your socks off. You’ll go, “Wait a minute. Are you telling me the Bohemians came here in the 1840s?” They sat with Abraham Lincoln, they decided how the state of West Virginia was going to be run. . . . I’ve got a video on this.

Kerry: Yes.

WVW: You’d sit there and say, “Wait a minute. This is unbelievable.” The problem is, you don’t see this stuff.

Kerry: That’s right.

WVW: I’m not lying to you. You should find out how you can take a few extra days — one extra day, two extra days, it doesn’t matter. If you came down here and had your eyes open for just the littlest bit . . . and I hate to tell you, you’ll realize how serious I am. You’d put your life in danger. Your life would be in danger.

Kerry: Yes. Well, I appreciate that. I’m going to take your word for it.

WVW: How do you like that — I’m just telling you how serious it is. And if I told you something spiritual, would you flip out?

Kerry: Well, you know, you be my guest. Go right ahead.

WVW: I had an experience that happened, and I would love to have you interview some people, and I just don’t know if they’d allow you to. I had five people that witnessed an event here inside the city. They watched nearly 300,000 — I’d say 150,000 pairs of dragonflies and locusts join hands, and interchange like a blanket, like a quilt. Now, how does that sound for weird?

Kerry: Well, that is bizarre. What . . . I don’t understand that.

WVW: I stood on a playground, and this was in 2006, and I stood on the playground and I had two boys on my right-hand side, and two boys on the top of the playground. As I stood there, I watched these dragonflies flow over my left-hand shoulder, and across my right-hand shoulder were locusts coming onto this field. The field was 193 feet by 246 feet — I measured the field.

As we stood there, within less than probably 1-2 minutes maximum, the field was covered. You probably won’t run my article now. [Laughing.] But the field was covered with locusts and dragonflies. I feel like this is the bigger story than the second thing I told you, or the first thing I told you. They covered the field from front to back; there was not a single spot left, and they floated one to one-and-a-half feet [in] the air — maybe two feet, I don’t know. But they were floating, they weren’t landed. And they sat there for nearly ten minutes, like they were staring at us.

I looked at the boy on my right-hand side. I said, “Do you see what I see?” He said, “Mister, do you see what I see?” I said, “You tell me what you see.” He said, “I see bugs everywhere!” I said: “You physically see these things?” And he said, “Yes, sir.” He had a brother beside him. I said, “Do you see what we see?” He said, “Yes, sir.”

So we’re standing there, and there are two more boys above the playground watching the same event take place. After ten minutes, a storm comes from the right-hand side, which is the north of the playground. When the storm [reaches] the top of the playground there’s lightning, thunder; a wind starts gusting around the park. And after ten minutes, the wind is gusting so hard, then a rain drops out of the sky, with lightning and thunder — it’s like a Moses movie. And all of a sudden when the rain drops, they simply disappear. They disappear. There’s not a single thing left on the entire field.

Kerry: Uh-huh. [Yes.]

WVW: We’re standing there in absolute awe. The boy on the furthest right-hand side runs off the playground, [saying], “The world is coming to and end, the world is coming to an end.” He runs away. Us other two are standing there and we’re watching this, and we’re trying to figure out what we just saw. We watched this, and this is not natural. They were holding hands. So we had a locust and a dragonfly. I don’t have a picture of it, but I tell the story of what happened.

Kerry: I understand. Okay. Well, that sounds like either nano-tech, or mind control. Either way, I appreciate the story.

WVW: That’s all right. My background is science, I work with implosion technologies. I mean, I’ve worked with some of the neatest stuff in the world. But like I say, we just get to a day when we just . . . I’m looking at what’s going on around me —

Kerry: Yes.

WVW: — and things are so obvious, of what’s happening. It’s like the world’s sleeping, and there’s a few people, as you said at the South African conference, there’s a few people that are awake.

Kerry: Right.

WVW: And most of the people are sleeping through the whole thing.

Kerry: Have you seen the White Hats website?

WVW: I don’t do [blogs], I just haven’t done none of this stuff. It’s just a regular website, correct?

Kerry: It is a website, yes. They release reports. Right now they’re very involved in the global settlements, the dinar revaluation. And you know, they’re fighting this war. They are fighting to stop what you’re saying is inevitable. And I just think it would be interesting for you to take a look at their reports. They are going to have a very important report coming out very soon.

If you decide you want to be in touch with us, or me, or if you want to go even on my radio show, you’re welcome to do so. It’s up to you how public you want to go with this.

WVW: Well, you got the first part. Because I know you did the German bell? I saw that one?

Kerry: That’s correct.

WVW: So if you want to show it to the individual that was with you at that time. I’m telling you, it’s out of control, is what it is. The greed in this state is so bad, my concern is I’m expecting to see a major earthquake or an explosion inside this state — it’s that far out of control. Fifty thousand pounds of pressure with methane gas being made everywhere, underneath the state of West Virginia. It’s unbelievable what they’re doing. They are getting away with it, and no one is saying a word.

And Jay Rockefeller is involved with what’s going on. That’s what I mean; you realize the names I’m talking about. I’m talking Homeland Security people.

Kerry: No, I get that.

WVW: So when you start talking those names, you’re in a place where there’s nothing they don’t listen to. But I really don’t care. You know, what are they going to do to me? Put me to sleep?

Kerry: Right. Yes.

WVW: Hey, it’s been a pleasure talking to you. But I will tell you they are building some very unusual stuff in this state, and I’ll try and get this other person. I told you I had another person who will tell you maybe about how many wells they’re building on a daily basis. It’s that far out of control.

Kerry: Okay. That would be great.

WVW: God bless you, and thank you so much. I can’t believe you actually called me. I think it’s great they didn’t block your call.

Kerry: All right. Well, you take care.



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