We are getting lots of very positive feedback!  Stay tuned for my inside report from BEHIND THE SCENES during the shooting of the show šŸ™‚


Some quotes from Viewers:


“Sweet! Congratulations!  will get the word out.” –DUTCHSINSE



ā€¦”I do not have TV cable (if I did Iā€™d not be where I am today, learning with research, a willingness to know), yet found the youtube link to Shadow Ops via Avalon Forum.   The show was a fantastic compilation of hidden reality ā€“ though those following your interview, know this… “



“Kerry, I’m a staff writer – Producer for Universal and just watched your show. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the show and wish you the best!!”



“Just finished seeing your TruTV episode, Shadow Operations, and I must say that it was infinitely better than the Jesse Ventura show that preceded it !!! Being a regular camelot visitor, the show didn’t surprise me information wise, however for the first timer, I am sure that would make their jaw drop for sure !! It’s like the feeling you get after watching those UFO documentaries in mainstream!”



“Watching the show on try TV ,, this is the most wonderful thing and comes at the most perfect time.   Can’t wait to see how this is received by the man on the street just flipping through the channels     Powerful stuff, again thanks for your dedication to truth.”





Wow. You and Bill did an AWESOME show last night.  Could not have been better! Excellent!  Stellar show! Kudos!


Here’s hoping they pick it up for a full season!”


“Happened to catch the show last night on TRU TV about mars.   Great job- very well done!”


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