According to this story on PRESS TV, an admiral was fired today for being involved in plans for an attempted coup against the President of the U.S.

Today, Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette was “fired” from his command of one of the three carrier battle groups back to Bremerton, Washington to face an investigation. 

It is impossible to adequately state how unusual this is and how serious…”

…”the decision was made based on a conversation with the Secretary of Defense who, at the end of the talk, believed Gaouette was part of a group of military officers who have been under suspicion for planning a “Seven Days in May” type overthrow of the US government if President Obama is re-elected. 

This is not conjecture, dozens of key officers face firing, hundreds are under investigation, all with direct ties to extremist elements in the Republican Party and the Israeli lobby.”

This is interesting because this group is the same one in control of the White House albeit from the Republican side.  But both sides are run by the Bush Cabal and ultimately report to the Jesuits…So what is really going on here?  In some twisted way it would actually seem that the arrest had to do with another group than the one being described here.  Or has another objective all together.

Further, the article goes on to attack the notions that Benghazi was a defendable position and that the CIA had no recourse against the attackers…contrary to the Fox News Report which this article makes a point of called “conspiracy theorists'”.  And yet, the evidence seems to point to an orchestrated event that for some reason the government actually let happen… For some reason that is still unclear.  Fox News for once appears to have more of the story than the one passed on here in this Press TV article after all.  So what is going on here?

From what I can tell, those being arrested and under suspicion may actually be patriots who recognize the illegality of the current administration (backed by the Bush Cabal and the Jesuits)… On the other hand this may be a convoluted dog and pony show to warn real leaders of unrest within the military that the administration is hot on their trail and knows of their plans.

It is unfortunate that the truth is so mired in disinfo it can hardly see the light of day… I for one would like to hear a version of this story that makes some sense.  The references to the attempted coup with regard to the Minot Air Force Base missing nukes story….Here again, the real truth having to do with Cheney and a planned act of war against Israel or Iran, ie. false flag is not labeled as such…Instead we are made to think that the Minot incident was instigated by the “Air Force” who they say “moved against the Bush administration”….

The Air Force moved against the Bush administration in 2007 when it loaded up to nine nuclear weapons on a B 52 aircraft at Minot Air Force Base. We know now that up to three of those nuclear weapons are listed as “missing,” the military expression for this is “Broken Arrow.”

In summary this entire article seems to be a mishmash of disinfo, truth and false leads mixed together so there is no clear direction and the ultimate win is in the court of the administration until we can get a public statement from those involved in the suspected coup.



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