We have around 23 people signed up so far on the Egypt trip.. December 10th to 23rd…  I just spoke to our touring company and they assure me that things have quieted down in Egypt.

This article indicates that American peacekeeping troops are being called into service to guard the Sinai between Egypt and Israel.  This should increase stability in the region.  


If you are interested in joining us please go here to register: (see EVENTS MENU AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE) or click here:


It is FREE TO REGISTER…. we will collect deposits in the next few weeks.

I have invited another speaker to join us and we are awaiting final confirmation. 

Special note:  this trip is aimed at holding the light in the Great Pyramid area during this important time.  Please understand that this will be a Camelot event and our focus will be in that direction of ‘all things Camelot’ covered on our website.  We hope you can join us.  This is a spiritual journey.


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