This is a well done must see documentary investigation into the Aurora shootings/James Holmes story.

I am embedding it here.  If you have the means to download it I encourage you to do so in case it gets removed from Youtube rather unexpectedly.  If this no longer works be sure to go to Youtube and type in :  James Holmes, and the following title:

The James Holmes Conspiracy (2012 Full Documentary)



Special note:

I have been approached by 2 men claiming to be “on call” for the government who indicate that the neuroscience connection between this incident in Colorado, the Sikh shootings in Wisconsin and the case of Melvin Morse the well known author and pediatrician who was arrested after speaking in Montreal Canada, for so-called going crazy and “water boarding his daughter” are all connected.

“These children made it clear that consciousness persists despite having dying, dysfunctional brains,” he said. The theory is that brains are linked to “a non-local consciousness and a timeless, spaceless reality,” which Morse calls the “God Spot.”

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Also from the same article:

Just before Melvin Morse’s arrest last month, P.M.H. Atwater, a fellow researcher into near-death experiences, said she saw him at a conference in Montreal, where she claimed he gave the ‘one of the best keynote presentations in his life’..

It is also significant that Morse was involved in with Remote Viewing:

DVD.. by Melvin Morse: 

Near Death Experience and Remote Viewing (IRVA 2004)

Morse is the author of the best-selling books Closer to the Light, Transformed by the Light, and Parting Visions. His latest book, Where God Lives, presents a comprehensive new scientific understanding of how the brain can resonate with energetic patterns of the universe to permit communications with the dead, viewing at a distance with the mind, past life memories and premonitions of the future.

What all of the articles on Melvin Morse fail to mention is that he was investigating links between Remote Viewing and precognition of the future… In the above documentary you will also see references to topics that were being investigated by James Holmes as part of his studies.

Those topics involve:

Time Travel, Temporal Illusions, Saturn, Alchemy and the occult

Somehow these are all connected according to the “sources” that approached me.  This seems to fit.  One obvious connection is with Mind Control.  

As those who read this blog will recall, my initial intuitive investigation entitled, “Aurora Dark ‘Night” Battle of the Robots” regarding the Holmes connection to AI and the possible Illuminati “magical act” being conducted which would include mind control, AI and the Olympics (see Olympic opening and closing ceremony symbolism).  There is reason to believe there is one more domino that makes up this collection of data points… possibly a false flag incident to kick off WWIII.  See my Camelot Roundtable discussion with David E. Martin “Apostles of Power” for more on that related to the October possible UUV (Underwater unmanned vehicle) event.

Regardless of the above links to efforts to prevent the outting of the high level persons involved in the Libor Scandal, there is reason to believe now, that Time Travel and Neuroscience are key elements in these latest mind control incidents.  

Along with the mind control aspects there are obvious parallels in the above story to Camelot witnesses such as Bill Brockbrader aka Wood, Duncan O’Finioan, Aaron McCollum and others. The association is unavoidable.  Of special interest in this litany of evidence of a vast super soldier, X-men operation to create and control manchurian candidates is the Camelot intervew (specifically part III although all 3 parts are relevant) with Dr. Pete Peterson.