THE TOP OF THE NEWS  (reprinted here from

 –Pentagon Seeking Authority for Cyber Command to Take Action on

    Non-Military Systems in Emergencies

(August 9, 2012)

A proposed change to the US military’s standing rules of engagement

(SROE) would give cyber experts employed by the military the authority

to take action on certain non-military computer systems. The SROE

provide guidance for military commanders when they find their troops or

systems are under attack and there is not time to consult the president

or secretary of defense if action is to be taken before serious harm

occurs. Cyberspace is posing special issues for SROE for a number of

reasons: the time frame of cyberattacks; the difficulty of identifying

the attackers; and the possibility of collateral damage. Some in the

military would like the Cyber Command to have the authority to disable

servers in foreign countries to prevent malware attacks. The military

currently has the authority to take those actions only within its own


[Editor’s Note (Pescatore): Back in the 1980s I worked for the US Secret

Service and when using military (not National Guard) personnel

domestically we had to make sure we observed the guidelines around the

Posse Comitatus statute which dictates that such use must “be expressly

authorized by the Constitution or by act of Congress.” It is healthy

that we start the dialog on how this applies to cyber-incidents vs.

hurricanes and the like. The National Guard has traditionally been the

rapid reaction force, with the armed forces staying bound by Posse



And along the lines of points made in my interview with David E. Martin “Apostles of Power”:


Just what are they building up to?  David E. Martin would say a false flag UUV attack on one of our ships in the Gulf to kick off WWIII… as a result of leaked cyber access to the UUV’s internal tech…


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