For those interested here is a bit more info on Mitchell Coombes the hacker etc.

Note:  at this time I believe his Facebook page has been removed… This info is reposted below in case it to gets removed…




For a while now, I have been unsure of whether to post a thread about this guy but I feel that some may benefit from some good discussion/further info thus I will take my chances. I must emphasize that I am not trying to fear monger and I’m not saying that all of what he says is the truth. I am simply trying to get this information out so that I can discuss it rationally with others.

Some background first.

I first became aware of Mitchell on Above Top Secret (not the most credible of sites I know) sometime around last March. A poster on ATS had started a thread claiming that Mitchell had provided a warning on Facebook about the Japanese Tsunami 104 hours before it actually materialized. The poster knew this to be fact because he was a friend of Mitchell’s on Facebook and saw the status update warning just as anyone else would had they also been his friend and to prove his point he posted the screen shots of said warning in the thread. Of course I was immediately interested and decided to add Mitchell Coombes on Facebook. It took a few weeks to have a friendship confirmation as even back then he already had an overwhelming amount of people adding him as his infamy spread. As of this moment he has 5000 (which I believe is the limit) friends and 1,964 subscribers on Facebook. Here is the link to his FB page

Since I added him I was able to see for myself the original Japanese Tsunami warning which he claims was a product of HAARP. In the course of the year he has posted many fore-warnings about the future in regards to HAARP, WW3, Terrorist Attacks, Economic crash etc. Recently he has also posted scores for Rugby League Football Matches in Australia (he is Australian) prior to the games being played to demonstrate how the matches are fixed and the NRL is rigged. Again this is because he has access to insider info.

From the little information I have gathered on him I am aware that he is young possibly in his teens or early twenties and lives in Wollongong, Australia. He used to work for the Poker industry and endorses operations carried out by anonymous. For now as far as I know he uses Facebook and his own website (which may or may not still be active) which I am not a member of as membership is charged.. to broadcast this information.

Below I have copied and pasted some of his comments on his FB wall responding to people’s questions regarding warnings etc about the future:

On fear mongering:

Mitchell Coombes The basic message in this video is that not everything is a conspiracy. There is a lot of fear-mongering and paranoia when it comes to conspiracy theories. You must remain logical when it comes to looking for the truth instead of letting your emotions distort you in the web of lies. There is no proof whatsoever that Comet Elenin is a threat to the earth. Many people are ignorant towards what HAARP is, some people don’t even know what HAARP stands for or where it is located and yet these same ignorant people think they have the right to point the finger at those that actually know what’s going on in this world. People don’t want to believe that TAB is rigged, or that the casino industry is rigged, or that the FBI are a bunch of drug dealing pedophiles. Anon and Lulsec have already exposed many of these corrupt corporations (CIA, NATO) and published their classified documents on Wikileaks. It is important to co-incide with the logic and evidence and not emotion and fear.
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Mitchell Coombes I am not trying to spread fear.. I am just trying to spread awareness of the truth.. I keep telling people repeatedly not to fear anything but fear itself… In this knowledge we should remain strong. The truth will set us free. I am 99% sure of my sources based on the track record of it’s authenticity and accuracy (NZ earthquake and Japan tsunami)… The only way for me to get the actual dates for certain events is solely through exclusive information.
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Mitchell Coombes Yes the FBI / HAARP have the ability to create earthquakes/tsunamis wherever they want, especially around tectonic plate areas (Pacific ring of fire is their weapon of choice). This is ultimately a weapon of warfare. They can wage a silent war against any country they please, just like they did with Japan back in March with the tsunami. HAARP is definitely a weapon of warfare. I have slowed them down dramatically though since March, but that does not mean the FBI will not attack California. It is no co-incidence that there were countless disasters around the east coast of Australia, NZ and the Pacific areas (Japan) from January – March 2011 and for the last 9 months virtually nothing has occurred in the Pacific areas. They realize now that I am on their tail. If they were indeed planning to create the California tsunami this year I would have given out another 104 hour warning. The reason behind the 104 hour countdown is because this is known as the ‘point of no return’ for HAARP in relation to experimenting/testing their technology.
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• Gregory Lynn when you say You’ve slowed them down, how did you manage that? it seems they could easily block your fb account. i’m wondering why they don’t. I think they would allow certain Thing’s to get a little publicity on purpose like a game. But they could stop it at any minute
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Mitchell Coombes No actually if you read Facebook’s terms and conditions Facebook are not allowed to delete an account for any reason other than violating the terms and conditions, and that I have not done. So for HAARP to get this Facebook profile deleted is breaking the terms and conditions, unlike Youtube, which is run by Google and they can cease accounts at will. Slowed them down because they are playing the waiting game with the Cali tsunami and it’s taking a while and they could easily do it any day now but they choose not to by the press of one button. Yes in regard to publicity look at Comet Elenin and YU55 the fear mongering and panic about Sept-Nov being the end of days and the world being destroyed its designed to discredit those that actually do speak the truth no matter how bizarre it sounds when I say it , it’s real .
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Mitch, do you know about technical documentation where I can read about HAARP’s high frecuencies influence in the environment and even some kind of control over weather? Is the basis of measurement of magnetic field, mutually orthogonal directions: north, south and downward respectively

Yes… This is how HAARP operate in order to create tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes. The RP in HAARP will soon be modified. HAARP go through three phases when it comes to D1 drills. Analysis phase, research phase and test phase. The magnetic field (nT) is a byproduct of the orthogonal directions. It is true that these orthogonal directions include N, E and SW mutually respective of each other

Canary Islands:

Mitchell Coombes Yes there will also be a magnitude 10.4 tsunami in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa (La Palma, Canary Islands). The Canary Island will landslide into the ocean causing a twin-tsunami.

Mitchell Coombes 1. Hard evidence? The proof is in the predictions. They will do all the talking. You should be familiar with the 104 hour tsunami warning, there will be more of those.

2.Australia will not be affected by the earthquakes per se but will be affected by the tsunamis. HAARP are not able to create tsunamis off the coast of Aus because there are no tectonic plates in the Tasman Sea. Obviously northern QLD and NT will be hit by the Indonesian tsunami planned by the FBI in 2013, but don’t worry if you live in Australia….. 2012 won’t be that bad.

3. You can help by spreading the word. When the 104 hour tsunami warning begins, tell everyone you can, your family, friends, do whatever you can to get the word out. This is NOT about personal credit, this is about saving lives and uniting together to expose corrupt corporations (FBI, CIA, AFP, ASIO, NATO, NORAD, HAARP, TAB Sportsbet, etc etc).

Marci I still keep to my words. If anything has changed I will make it public. The California tsunami is still planned before the New York tsunami

Canary Island landslide (and resulting tsunami on east coast of USA) comes approximately 96 days after the California tsunami. EPICENTER APPROXIMATELY 85 MILES WEST OF PORTLAND, OREGON.

Mitchell Coombes No it won’t be this year, it’s planned for 2012, and a lot sooner than you think too.
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Number 1. Stockpile basic necessities. This includes canned food, bottled water, herbs and petrol.
Number 2. Invest large amounts of money into Gold, oil, copper, uranium and Westpac.
Are there any safe areas? Yes, central western USA will remain untouched in regard to terrorist attacks and natural disasters. Australia (excluding the east coast), and the southern island of NZ. We can fight back (protesting, spreading awareness) but it is only delaying the inevitable. We will not be able to stop their NWO regime.
Not every single day, but eventually it will be most days. Disasters is referring to cataclysmic events (planned) that will be on mainstream media 24-7 for days on end (just like NZ earthquake and Japan tsunami).

The USA will turn into a police state (martial law) after the US economy collapses. The US will have enough problems of their own to worry about other countries. They are the only superpower that invades other countries for OIL and WATER in the name of the ‘War on Terror’. The US won’t even be assisting Israel in WW3, now that says something.

Similar to 9-11 and the War in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US military will conduct a nuclear terrorist attack against their own people. These nuclear attacks will be throughout the USA capital cities. Again, they will blame ‘Jihad, Al-Qaeda’ and go along with their ‘War on Terror’ against Iran. The US and Israel will invade Iran, this will trigger WW3. America will be unable to assist Israel to its full potential in this invasion (due to the economic collapse and natural disasters).

Israel & Britain VS Iran, Turkey, Libya, Russia. Israel will win the war.

US Economy
According to the same contacts that provide me with 104 hr tsunami warnings we have until December/January. The debt matter obviously won’t be significant but it’s still important to stockpile. There is no turning back for the US economy… the hole is far too deep.

please note.. all interpretations to this message is to ones own evaluation of Mitchell coombes and his predictions. my personal viewpoint has not been added or included in this message as to keep this discussion authentic.

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