A source has brought the following to my attention:



Performances by gifted children of North Korea 

According to an undisclosed source, the reality is, that if you notice, we are looking at PROGRAMMING of a robotic being…. Does this not bring to mind a ‘puppet’?  This is what is happening here on planet Earth.  And, I understand that this is not the only culture that has this going on.

Bottom line we might be looking at a grey-human hybrid.  However, the suggestion was made to me that these may actually be robots or androids.  A soul-less being?  Apparently this is a very real possibility.  Note:  I mean no offense toward these lovely little children.  

Extend this to a much larger human looking soldier and you begin to see where things are going.  Of course, the hybrid program has been quite successful.  And these beings are now here.

The implications for the robotization of humanity are far reaching.

We are not talking about a conventional “invasion” as you might have anticipated it.  In fact, indications are it has already happened.

This type of being along with the sleeping masses may ultimately be a ruler’s dream come true… in terms of a servile race programmed for pleasure and obedience.  



Clarification:  With regard to the above about the gifted Korean children, as I state this is very likely a phenomenon that is appearing in many cultures including the U.S.!  This particular video is simply an example pointed out by my contact.

The above information addresses the appearance on Earth of the Grey-human hybrids who are the result of the massive abductions over the last 60 years… maybe more.  The robotic side of the Greys is also not often talked about or considered in this light.  This again is from a secret source and it is up to you whether you care to consider this hypothesis or not.

I have several whistleblowers who have indicated that the Chemtrail program is part of a concerted effort (including disasters like Fukushima) to permanently change the atmosphere and weather of our Planet to a more methane like environment.  They insist this is the kind of environment needed by the Greys and their hybrids as well as various Reptilian races to better survive on the surface.  Needless to say, the implications of this are vast.

My previous post about the programming embedded in Bach’s music is another example of the pervasive control mechanisms that have been set in place here on the Planet.  This is true of many forms of music not only Bach and is again activated not when listening as an individual but in a group.  

It is very important that humanity begins to peal away the layers of programming and controls that have been put in place by races (Annunaki, reptilian and perhaps others) in order to maintain their rule over this planet and her people.  What some see as only a human scale oppressive set of controls is actually much more intricate, pre-planned and orchestrated by overlords who rule by secrecy.  This is the nature of the game and it requires a clear, unbiased view in order to begin to understand how deeply embedded into the fabric of our lives this has become.  Once we understand the true nature and origin of mind control mechanisms and programs we can then begin to awaken to what true freedom and sovereignty are really about.

If you don’t truly know and recognize where the real oppressors reside and who they are how can you begin to break free from the chains that bind?







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