After some further investigation and talking briefly with Dr. Bill Deagle, Mike Harris and John Moore, I find out that both Deagle and Moore got their info from Mike Harris.  This further complicates testing the validity of the information.  Whereas, Mike Harris is a very good guy and a personal friend, he is new to this sector ie. conspiracy especially the off-world/ET visitor side of things.  Mike now has 2 distinct sources, at least one, as mentioned very high up in a foreign intelligence service from what I am told.

I do not wish to invalidate Mike’s sources but some critical thinking is in order here.  Deagle, Moore and Harris are the ones who came forward initially with the story about a “planet-sized object” (Deagle and Moore I believe referred to it as Nibiru).  Because they did not attribute their information to each other, it appeared as though they each had their own sources.  Unfortunately that is not, at least, as I understand it at this moment, the case.

When verifying information it is important to have at least 3 unrelated sources, who preferably don’t know each other.

I encourage everyone interested to listen to my show tonight on American Freedom Radio as we delve into this information in more detail and also hear the new information Mike Harris has learned from his new source and further from his original source. 

I will be having John Moore on the show for the first half hour although if we can get him to stay a while we will endeavor to do so 🙂… He graciously agreed to come on in spite of the fact it will be later in his section of the country and he has to get up ridiculously early to do his regular show on Republic Broadcasting.  Mike is also coming on but he is in our time zone so it’s not so late for him despite the early hour of his regular show!  John Moore’s info on Republic Broadcasting, and Mike Harris’s show info



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