From an undisclosed source this morning…

Hi ______9:15 AM Mountain time, _______ and I were in the kitchen and we both noticed, the SUN momentarily blacked out as if something the size of the moon momentarily flew in-front of it.  IT blacked out for about 100 milliseconds.   I went outside to listen for any jets or check for clouds, there were no jet sounds, no clouds, perfectly deep blue sky, something we haven’t had in many months.  

Interestingly, I got the above just after a call with another source describing this object as “the size of the moon”.  More info coming in fast and furious.  Another person has been threatened over disclosing this information.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  JOHN MOORE will be joining me and Mike Harris on the AFR show tomorrow night at 7pm PT… important new info coming forward.  Added note to all :  I just found out that John Moore’s source is Mike Harris.  This narrows things down considerably.  We will discuss this with both of them and the ramifications of this on my show.

I am also trying to arrange an unscheduled live broadcast today for some new info on this object.

***New info saying this is a “natural object” and NOT A THREAT… as of 3:07 PM PT

Some info saying this is piloted… and verification of date August 17th.

According to Mike, they are expecting tsunamis, earthquakes and other affects from this…  His sources are asking people to prepare.  

At least one source has told me to leave the California coast. 

Again, if this is a PSYOP it is wide spread.  I am reporting what I hear to warn people and inform them.  Please understand we are operating on limited information and are presently dependent on sources from deep inside with above top secret clearances.

THERE ARE NO CONCLUSIONS BEING PRESENTED HERE at the present time only source information also known as “witness testimony”.

This is still under investigation.

What is interesting about all of this is last year, with regard to Elenin and YU55… both were seen as piloted planetoid objects.  Neither one caused any at least known problems.

YU55 supposedly grazed our atmosphere and disappeared during the same time Obama and APAC was going on in Hawaii.

Was this a dress rehearsal for this new “planet sized object”?  Is this another no show event in which we will never know whether any of this info we are getting is simply DISINFO to mislead and create distraction or even discredit various individuals coming forward?  These are all questions you must ask yourself.

We do not have enough information and so I want to urge anyone reading this to listen to your own inner guidance and act accordingly.

more to come…. 


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