According to Gordon Duff at Veteran’s Today, Germany is supplying Israel with nuclear warheads and arming submarines with missles.  

What is more likely is an attack on the US, Great Britain or South Korea.  What makes this possible is that Israel currently has, unlisted in its inventory, more than one submarine with long range nuclear capability and an unclear naval command stucture.  Israel, in actuality, has no civil government and only a minimal military government.  An examination of political moves made by Israel clearly demonstrates that they don’t function as a nation at all but rather as an outpost for a post war conglomerations of secret societies, some closely aligned to Himmler’s SS and Gehlen’s DVD.

British security experts are of a general belief that the Gehlen group, under Operation Paperclip, run by the Dulles brothers, Allen and John Foster, aided by a young Richard Nixon (highly classified) created the CIA, not out of the OSS but entirely out of German intelligence groups who had worked, hand in hand, with counterparts in America during the entire Second World War.  Among their best known operations were the Kennedy assassinations, their manipulation of American media and their ability to hide behind Jewish identity.

The implication here is that Israel will launch a false flag attack blaming it on Iran and the Nazi cabal headed by Bush will orchestrate behind the scenes.  In the end we have “conglomeration of secret societies” running Israel and then the U.S. and behind that a stargate located in the leylines that converge in the desert of the Sinai (see my Keith Hunter interviews for more on this). But the bottom line on what he discovered is that military installations such as Pine Gap, Dimona and Menwith Hill are connected by leylines that due to hyperdimensional physics have a unique relationship facilitating portals, time travel and activation of the transdimensional capability where a nuke that is detonated has far greater repercussions beyond just this solar system.

Connected to this of course is the notion of the Anunnaki operating along with U.S. military and Space Command from the 4th dimension… using Phobos as a command and control center, so I am told.

This is where former Nazi’s, Israel and the Anunnaki link up in a mad configuration that points to the planet being run from off planet and in that sense ‘untouchable’ by conventional weapons.  It also manifests in a top down system where orders come from off-planet (a 4th dimensional Mars base for example) and via Phobos where the solar system itself is monitored such that no craft come in or go out without their knowledge.

Combine this with the role of Israel on the planet’s surface and keeping in mind this very clear statement by Duff (who is telling the truth about this) and you have the real recipe for what is going on.

Needless to say, there are plenty of rogue players in this scenario including some STO (service-to-others) Guardian races who step in when possible without violating this free will sector, to create balance.

How this will all play out is unclear.  But I am told that as of December 21, 2012 and maybe sooner, there is some kind of a line up which facilitates the possible invasion of a race of robots who as mentioned in Wingmakers are and have been headed this way.  

According to Ashayana Deane, at least during our interview back in part III, this has become less likely an alternative.  James of the Wingmakers wrote his Ancient Arrow Project about this possibility however.  And the recent discovery of the site in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania of a library of records/ time travel device (see Peter Moon’s book Transylvanian Sunrise by Radu Cinamar for this story) indicatees that the sites mentioned in the Wingmakers may still be activatable… These sites have within them material or devices said to contain a natural technology that when linked and activated (by way of human discovery) 7 sites around the globe will provide Earth with a protective shield and/or jump her into another dimension where she avoid the invasion scenario.  

How all of this plays out within the diabolical designs of the uber nazi / anunnaki / Lucifer rebellion is also not clear.

In other words, Earth could be saved from invasion by a race of robots only to fall prey to the robotic superman/ nantech/ AI that has already begun to take control orchestrated by the Bush/Israeli/ Rothschild/ Rockefeller Cabal conglomeration of secret societies and military orders of which the Asian secret societies no doubt also have a part.

For more about the secret space program and hidden troops of android or human looking robotic supersoldiers see our interview with Pete Petersen.

And all this gets back to how Germany is supplying Israel with nuclear weapons and submarines with missles and they want a war in the Middle East.  The final question here is why?  Why is war in the Middle East so coveted?  The confluence on stargates (Iraq, probably in Iran, Israel/Dimona, Egypt/Giza, Gulf of Aden and possibly others) certainly could be part of it.  

From what I understand above all else the various on and off planet races are warring over Stargates ie. Ascension gates, most of the natural and artificial ones have been taken over by the dark side.  Although according to the Guardians (via Ashayana Deane aka A’esha aka Anna Hayes) there are some gates still in their hands and those are the ones we humans will use when exiting this planet in the future.  (We created a few gates in India with the help of the Guardians).  

As far as group ascension goes, in the future (not on December 21, 2012, there will be a 3 way split with one group opting for a step-back version of Earth and the oher going to a middle Earth some are calling Aurora Earth and lastly those headed for true ascension.  And this is not going to begin to happen for several years from what I understand.  Individually, in my view, ascension ie. getting out of this matrix is always an option depending on your level of development.

However none of this is completely agreed upon out there.  And meanwhile we contend with this mixture of races playing games for control.  Few humans get any sense of the real big picture… However the above is a short summary of at least one way to think about all of it.