Because of the great diligence of a Camelot supporter, the Friday show with Douglas Hagmann is now available here and in the Revolution Radio archive.  see the link below

This show was heavily interfered with as those listening live will know.  First the entire station was thrown off the air right before the show was due to air on Friday, May 18th.  They came back up about 35 minutes into my first hour when I finally got online and they came back up.  

Then my guest was nowhere to be found.  However, luckily, he got the message on his phone and showed up around 8pm.  The rest of the show was a dynamic and sometimes relatively intense discussion between me and my guest.  After the show, we found out that the total servers for Revolution had been wiped clean.  No sound!!

Thanks to the Camelot listener who wrote in and recorded the show on his own we now have a very viable copy and have posted it for all the world to hear.

The only question that remains is why THEY went to such lengths to take down this show??  Only by listening to the show can you determine that…

click here for the recovered show on YouTube



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