Two More Upcoming Livestream Roundtables and Interviews

February 8, 2012

Two More Upcoming Livestream Roundtables and Interviews:

1. Anthony Sanchez and research partner David Weatherly and Jay Weidner — tentatively set for Friday, Feb 10th 7pm PST.

2. Interview with John Kettler : regarding his book "UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics", current events and his blog; contacts on and off-world… – Monday, February 13 at 7pm PST

Lastly see below for the 3rd Livestream event to come next week sometime on the Interstellar Fluffy Cloud… with Chad Adams, Susan Rennison and TBA


SPECIAL NOTE:  As of a  week ago, Bill Brockbrader has chosen to spread lies about me and Project Camelot.  Unfortunately we can no longer support him at this time.  WE STAND BY MY ORIGINAL INTERVIEW WITH HIM.

Kerry Cassidy

Project Camelot

NOTE:  My reply to the statements made by Bill Brockbrader about Camelot on Lisa Harrison's interview with him…is now on the ARTICLES tab… GO TO THE TOP OF THIS PAGE AND CLICK THAT LINK to read.



The following is the challenge that Bill Brockbrader wrote to Don Shipley…

"On Feb 7, 2012, at 3:04 PM, Bill Wood wrote:

Mr. Shipley,

I need to put this issue with my past to bed. Focus needs to be on the future, not on my past. I have a great deal of compassion for those out there who struggle with the truth I am shedding light on. It is not an easy journey to come to terms with the reality of our collective pathology. I am honored at the opportunity to lead you in this example and I recognize your passion and devotion to your perpetuation of an infective limiting information set that is not based on reality. So do you want to get real?

I think that it is now time to reveal some information that I possess that would more than validate that I am a truly extraordinary person and that I possess some extraordinary abilities. Some of those abilities being those of an individual that has been through SEAL training schools. See…they can purge all paperwork that validates my past. They throw up a smoke screen of disinformation that blinds individuals to the truth of what I say I am. There is one thing that no one can take away from me…the abilities that I possess from my training. I think that you would admit that there are somethings that only SEALs can do. What you've missed is that I'm a cold and calculating operator. You may think that you are in control but in all reality you have been stupid enough to walk yourself right into a bottleneck ambush and I am about to show the world how an individual like me proves to the world that if he walks like a SEAL and talks like a SEAL and has the abilities of a SEAL…he might just be a SEAL. And the funny part is that when its all said and done…you will be the one that proved it to the world.

So answer this question Mr Shipley? Tell the world…because the decisions that you make now are going to be very important when viewed by history. What is drownproofing? What are the odds that someone that wasn't a SEAL could be drownproof? Lets just say that I know that there is plenty of information out there on the internet that speaks to the fact that the odds are astronomical.

So here's my challenge…I want to demonstrate my drownproofing for the world to see. Drownproofing – the act of having your arms tied behind your back, your leg bound at the ankles and surviving in a 9 foot deep pool for up to 20 minutes while performing various tasks. You administer the test. I pick the location and you come to that location at your expense. You also agree to protect my security and safety during the demonstration and you swear that you will keep the location secret until after the evolution is completed. (Lets just say I don't want this event used as means of getting me back into government custody. I really don't like being drugged and brain washed.) You also agree that the video of the evolution is validated by you. You pick either the current standards or the 1992 standards of what must be performed to demonstrate the ability of being drownproof and I will accomplish the tasks. You provide what is necessary to ensure that this event can be performed safely to the satisfaction of the owners of the pool. The current naval standards of safety would be satisfactory. And finally…if I satisfactorily perform the skills involved in drownproofing, you give me your trident.

Now let me clearly explain your situation to everyone that may not completely understand what you have crated that I am now going to capitalize on. One – you accept my challenge and risk that I am who I say I am. You know that if I accomplish drownproofing and you give me your trident that it is the way that every SEAL becomes a SEAL. A SEAL only becomes a SEAL when another SEAL makes him a SEAL. So after that point…no matter what anyone says…I will be a SEAL because you, another SEAL, made me one by giving me his trident. Two – you fail to accept my challenge and I blast that information out to the world. Every blog…every SEAL forum…to every one I can. I say that the government would not allow you to give me the validation that I need to prove who I am because they know the truth – you don't. That they don't want the information that I possess to get out. With all of the fever that is now out on the internet now, it would support that the department of disinformation is working serious overtime to keep the truth from getting out. Certainly, I know that everyone clearly understands that I am willing risk my life for my country and what I believe in. Couple that with the fact that I am starting a revolution of peace and hope throughout the world and that I am forming an army of light that will stand shoulder to shoulder with me…I'm pretty sure that everyone that hears my voice after this understands that those are the quintessential qualities that embody what a SEAL is.

Now there is a third option but it is one that you may not have considered till now but I can promise you this…it is the honorable option. You see the truth in my words and you remember your oath to your country and the people of this country. You make a conscious decision to return this country to its former glory and stand with me in the fight for the freedom for the people of this country against the tyranny that we all now face.

I, Carol Don Shipley, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;

that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

None of us are obligated to follow unlawful orders but it certainly takes a very brave person to not follow unlawful orders. There are always consequences to refusing to follow unlawful orders. They can be seen as negative because we see whats happened to Bradley Manning but we all also know that is exactly why he isn't guilty of the charges now levied against him and how he will eventually be found innocent for that very reason. He refused to follow unlawful orders.

Honor, courage, commitment. Those are the Navy core values and what we choose to embody as warriors in the fight for the freedom of our people and our country. The words that are emblazoned on my back in Arabic. I put them in Arabic as a symbol that, as Americans, we have forgotten the meaning of the words.

No matter what you do at this point…you need to realize that all of this has an inevitable end…freedom. David Icke and his experiences have taught me that bravery and perseverance are what's important in your beliefs. People laughing at you in the moment mean nothing. History will tell the story of the trials and tribulations that I face now. He faced and defeated the same humiliations that I now face and is now revered for his perseverance. Ill thank him for that in person one day. (Good job 'jesus')

Wither you understand/like it or not, Im the guy that believes that he changes the world. According to the information set I have, its already happened and I simply need to follow my intuition and my task will inevitably be accomplished. You and the rest of the SEALs can stand and fight for hope and freedom as brothers with me and have history see us all as proud, formerly misguided, warriors that eventually found their way or you can be seen as one of many that stood against your people and the freedom and hope that they wish for.

Ill leave you to your decision. You have a week to respond. Make sure you reply to all when you do.

Bill Brockbrader AKA Bill Wood "

Here is Don Shipley's response: CLICK HERE AND SCROLL UP ON THAT FORUM

For those who don't want to read Shipley's offensive reply…. he basically said he wasn't interested.

As I mentioned to someone recently… I spoke to Don Shipley… he does not know anything about above top secret or black projects… or anything else above his paygrade. As a friend once said, "…it isn't secret if you know about it."



Wednesday on American Freedom Radio: USA
Wednesday: 7pm PST to 9pm




Bill Brockbrader Feb 4, 2012 Follow Up Interview now available on Youtube.

click here to view (edited out delays due to technical issues) with titles added.

John Kettler's Blog : interesting sources and info

click here to view his blog

click here for an interesting statement of support for Kettler from a person calling themselves Anonymous II

click here for a recent article regarding a Submarine headed for San Onofre Nuclear Plant – False Flag Averted?

I am checking into this but there are some interesting correlations to the recent leaks reported here on my blog at the San Onofre plant.

February 7, 2012


Focus on two researchers into the INTERSTELLAR "FLUFFY" CLOUD: Chad Adams & Susan Rennison

I am in the process of organizing a Livestream discussion regarding the Interstellar Fluffy Cloud detected in space that it appears we have entered into.. so far I have Chad Adams, who released the paper called "The Coming" documenting the Boeing whistleblower who first broke the story about this interstellar mass of electromagnetic energy. Susan Rennison has also done substantial work on this subject including publishing a book called "Tuning the Diamonds" on electromagnetism and spiritual evolution. Click here for her website

Susan Rennison and her paper on Mayan Cosmology & Space Weather

click here to read

She also has a new book out called "What is Space Weather" click here to view

Chad Adams : Paper called "The Coming" documenting Boeing whistleblower testimony


click here for the paper

click here for Chad Adam's Website

–from Mike Philbin and others/ fragments from …./ 36272983the-coming.pdf available at (

I have also contacted Paul La Violette in regard to this interstellar cloud and there does seem to be a correspondence between the space dust/interstellar cloud being described and the Superwave that he has described in our interview with him sometime back… (click here to view). In response to our inquiry he wrote…"there is a high likelihood that a superwave of unknown intensity (large or small) will arrive within the next 400 years, possibly even this year for that matter. Unfortunately, we will only know of its date of arrival when it has already arrived here."–Paul LaViolette

Along these lines, our Camelot whistleblower Jake Simpson spoke to us about the Secret Space Program having gone to beyond the edges of our solar system and recorded the approaching Superwave on instruments several years ago. Paul La Violette was very interested when we communicated this to him but we have not been able to find any substantiating testimony beyond Simpson to date…. Click here to read the testimony of Jake Simpson

Additionally, I was notified by a source a short time ago that this interstellar cloud may possibly be what is cloaking the approach of the Brown Dwarf… This is unverified but is what has, in part, stimulated me to get together a Camelot Roundtable discussion/investigation into this subject.

More information will be forthcoming as the details of the livestream event become solidified.


TONIGHT: Kerry joins Mike Harris on Truth Oracle Radio…

click here to listen Tueday at 7pm PST to 9pm


Transcript of the Bill Brockbrader/Wood Livestream Q&A from January 24th now posted on the following page:

click here for the page

Youtube version of the Feb 4th Livestream is being exported and should be available later today…

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