Nuclear Bomb – Weapons Secrets – Classified Operational Principles – a video made by Keith Hunter


Keith Hunter Website:

How nuclear weapons work. Classified secrets of the nuclear bomb revealed. How they are based upon the Music of the Spheres and how the Sun in particular is used as a trigger to engineer a nuclear explosion through Celestial Resonance. A detailed evaluation of the Hiroshima bomb, and 4 major nuclear tests of great historical significance, including Mike (1952), King (1952), Bravo (1954), and Grapple Y (1958).

A brief history of the pioneering work of Bruce Cathie is also revealed, noting his successful prediction of certain French Nuclear Tests in the Pacific in 1968, and also his work on the Earth Energy Grid Matrix. In addition to this the work of Walter Russell is itself mentioned, and his waveform periodic table of elements is detailed, as allows one to understand how celestial resonance links in to elemental resonance to trigger a nuclear explosion.

This video is uploaded as a courtesy for Keith Hunter
Project Camelot does not necessarily endorse or agree with the content in this video. However, I do support Keith’s investigative work and efforts to uncover the truth.
–Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot


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