Further to my Post Below answering more questions:

Sorry, I guess I neglected to reply explicitly to that area of your post regarding why he held on to releasing until a few days later after the big build up to having to release Part II that night… Well, the whole point is what happened during the radio show!! Because of the counsel of Anonymous (not to be confused with any other person claiming to be Anonymous of which there are many all over the internet that being a generalized title for someone who prefers to remain uh, anonymous.. 

To continue. One must be able to grasp that what happened on my show was I brought on someone who represented a group who then made statements ON AIR that made it clear that David was not to be touched or there would be repercussions of the kind that those types (he said lower level on the power chain) understand. If you listen closely it was unmistakable. And after the show, he spoke with David to assure him of his safety.

That being achieved, and I had further confirmation from another source that it was…. David then didn’t have to “obey” those threatening him who had been insisting he release the Part II by such and such a time (as I said) and it must have so many views etc or he wouldn’t make it past 3 days. Why is this so hard to understand?

As I wrote on my blog… David could at that point say F–k you and do it in his own time. Which he did. 

Again, one has to examine the situation from all angles. Regardless of how David took it this was a PSYOP and therefore the demands of the perpetrators could have simply been the trigger.

According to Rayelan from Rumor Mill News… (and no Anonymous is not the Shamus / Gunther’s higher self) that she remembers although he may have been on a few starships… and yes I know him very well…. anyway, Rayelan insists that actually Keenan and group are part of the Bush cabal and they are using David and the lawsuit to try to steal more gold… I have no more info than that. But I will endeavor to get Rayelan on my show and get more details on her pov or theory on all of this. 

There is simply no doubt that David is late to this whole who is hiding the gold game (at least in this incarnation) and so he is trying (as we all are) to get up to speed on the convoluted aspects of this story. Meanwhile, although I haven’t finished reading Part 2 yet… I can say that I know from other sources unrelated to David’s sources that this is a story that goes off world and does involve the Anunnaki…

As far as sales of his book, web traffic spikes and so on.. Well if you don’t think his fear and crying were real then you need to check your heart chakra for signs of life… He is not that desperate in fact with a best selling book he really didn’t need threats on his life in order to get more sales!! 

Please try to wrap your minds around the notion that he, I and many like us are in this for the SERVICE TO OTHERS aspect and we want to change the world and save humanity… That’s our priority. And yes, we would all like to pay the rent in order to continue to fight another day. In fact we would all like to live well because among other things it’s fun and as they say living well is the best revenge. Indeed it is… f—-k em. The PTW that is… Scarcity is the old world paradigm by the way…. just sayin.

I think that answers the questions you wrote me about.

Best wishes,


…”if you build it they will come”
Field of Dreams

Post to Duncan’s blog:

Kerry Cassidy said,

December 19, 2011 at 5:47 pm

Ok Duncan, I get where you are comin ‘ from you just want to cut to the chase and cut the b—lshit and get on with it. I’m with you. But that’s not what we got. What we have is a war of words and we are in it for the hearts and minds.

In the end, there’s nothin so powerful as the truth. But it can happen not only in the dead of night faced with evil so dark you wish you were never born. It also happens in the revealing of the secrecy so deep and dark it shines the light like a beacon all the way through to the dawn.

You are wired differently. And yes, you could have asked David to man up off line… without an audience. But here we are.

You can call it a dog and pony show but whether you know it or not you are intimating that it wasn’t real… and it was. Real fear, real danger. Whether it means anything to you or not is not the question. It meant something to David… and me and the man who stepped up to save him…

Wars are fought not only on battlefields but online and in public. Yes he has fans, don’t we all? That doesn’t make it any less true or less real.

Sure the lawsuit may go no where. Probably it won’t…. see the Kuomintang backing it’s got and think again because perhaps they take it more seriously than you do. Who cares?

At this point the real battles are yet to come. I stand with you regardless and love you like a brother. So hang in there. We have a war to fight and where and when we are called I know I’ll be there. So will David and so will Miranda and Tommy and Bill and many others. We aren’t perfect (who would want to be?) but we are strong and we are determined. You might even say invincible.

This money game will come and go. Gold is in the ground and being taken off Earth and will continue to be. But we will remain behind and fight the good fight. It’s not a show… It’s LiVE.

Love and blessings,


Post to Camelot Forum and Avalon Forum:


Reposting here from an Avalon thread…

my reply following:

Hi Christina,

Actually 90% of the feedback I am getting is overwhelmingly positive for the radio show, David and Anonymous.

I guess many people don’t understand the sequence of events that at least I was party to… which is simply that 25 mins approx before show time someone forwarded the quoted text from David’s Wilcock warning people that he had received a death threat and might not make it to morning… He’s a good friend, and naturally I was concerned. So I called him to see if this was bogus (someone hacking his site etc). I could tell instantly he was scared and it was true so I said in true Camelot style… hey let’s get you on the air and make this so well known they don’t dare hit you. So we did.

It was my idea to bring on Anonymous (actually I called him immediately after I hung up with David and although I can’t remember if I asked I remember he volunteered to come on the air and make sure the low level guys got the message). I was surprised he would risk everything to do this on the one hand but knowing how loyal and caring he was and how he could protect David (that is, contact those who could) I agreed. He then asked permission and sorted out a quick cover story.. and we arranged to have him call in on a special phone.

This all ended up happening partly during when I was on air in the beginning with David.. since things took some time to get to happen… the phone hook up etc. I had no idea how David would react.. and no idea he would break down. But then, Bob Dean broke down when he talked to me about his off-world encounters on camera and so I was no stranger to emotional displays… This was not scripted and it was real. David barely had time to think about anything before he came on the air…. what happened was LIVE and raw. If you wish it were otherwise might I suggest CNN…?

At any rate he broke down because in many ways he is not a hardened type and facing the real thing (in the form of the threats) and because the source (person who contacted him relaying the threats was a trusted friend) he totally believed them. I have said on my blog at that point the fact that they didn’t just kill him but instead threatened to do so indicated it was a psyop… and I said as much on the air.. in the form of a question to Anonymous. Listen back and you will hear it. Having had a similar threat myself a year ago I was familiar with the approach…

Why they targeted him is still a mystery. In fact it may be they wanted to create just such an effect… stirring the waters to see how this sector reacted and whether they could manipulate his behavior… Generate enough fear to where he would drop it or release it sooner.. that’s a weird twist. They threatened him if he didn’t release it within such and such amount of time, and unless he got such and such amount of viewers.. only then would he survive beyond 3 days… What is that about? Two possibilities come to mind, either they wanted the info out there or they wanted to see if he had anything worth killing him or anyone else over (ie. such as naming names). As it happens, so far it seems the answer is no he doesn’t really have anything new…

The only things that a source told me he would be killed over is having copies of or the original, Book of Codes and Maklumat. And the chances of him having copies of both are astronomical I am told. Unfortunately if you listen closely to the beginning of the show he says he has them. Later he denies it. Later he had to have been warned… to say he didn’t have them. On air, before he had time to think, when he was crying and stating what was going on presumably he spoke the truth.

You are wondering why he made sure to put out in separate locations copies of crucial info he has but presumably has not yet released?? Well that is simply what we are all told to do. Some of us are organized enough (in our saner hours) to do so and others may be more … uh, serendipitious.

It’s not about deception. David may have an audience, so do we, but truth is our drug of choice and we don’t lay down for anything less to put it crudely. Service to others. Get it? You can still have a big ego, and intellect and still react emotionally to things that trigger you. In David’s case this was it. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a seasoned performer (speaker to large groups with years of experience mastering the emotions using the intellect and trouble shooting social situations on the fly) this is the identical type of recovery a trained actor has… I know because I studied acting with the best. And this doesn’t mean he didn’t honesty feel great fear and honestly cry as a result of the pressure… it was real.

I do understand, it’s an old story… yes it is. But David is a journalist and a researcher and his contacts Keenan et al are coming to him with a personal angle on an old story of danger and intrigue to do with MONEY… well I would take them on… wouldn’t you? The fact is we all want to change the system. If running a lawsuit brings certain inequities to light then so be it.

Now the fact that Keenan and company are likely run by the Kuomintang behind the scenes and that they, that org, might have access to such off limits things like the Book of Codes and Maklumat… well that just makes it interesting.

My source says, he went into the Philippines and he saw the Book of Codes… 11 men went in and only 2 came out alive and he was one of them. He is scared to even “talk” about it. He said the Book of Codes is covered with a heavy black energy and warned David (by way of me) to stay far, far away even from copies…

Lastly, it’s not about the drama. Life is drama…like it or not. Get used to it. All I am trying to do is use my public formats; interviews, Camelot roundtables and my blog as places to do just that. I think we can handle the truth no matter how ‘dramatic’ it is. It’s not drama for drama’s sake or some self-serving agenda… it’s about awakening humanity and that doesn’t come easy… hell sometimes realizations also known as “truth” make you cry!

More later….


On Separation and Holding the Light

… a Camelot viewer wrote in “I am seeing more separation of those who should be more closely alligned NOW more than ever.. I am reading from many parties information that seems to coming from ego… and those are attacking “verbally” in one way or another against each other… this is the exact opposite of what we need now…”…

Here are my thoughts on the subject:

Keep in mind that during this time it is nearly inevitable that these separations will manifest. People are showing all sorts of discontinuities… both in their outward manifestations and in their relations with others. Staying coherent under the current energies is a challenge for everyone. But if you have soul integrity and alignment it is possible to stay true to the inner you.

It is enough to be a light for others… you cannot be their light. I think it is not possible to reflect them back to them at this time. Especially when they are so fragmented. Each must find their own innermost light and shine that forth.

The ESF and the Fed

click here to view this interesting overview of how the ESF and the Treasury influence the Fed

and don’t miss Part II – funding Covert Operations…


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