Part II of David’s article now published

Note from an undiclosed source…

Someone wrote to me the following:…paraphrased to protect their identity….

” I have actually held several of those one hundred million bonds that were going to China in my hands. What may not be known is that there were 3 airplanes each with 3 or 4 safes loaded with the bonds taking the bonds to China for the gold from the U.S. and they were shoot down by our own planes. But, one limped off to some place in the Philippines and the safes were recovered by some Philippine people. Then they were recovered by an American over there. Etc etc.”

Too Tough to Cry my reply to Duncan’s attack

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Yes, I am giving this added coverage. Not because Duncan is right but because many people who are out here on the firing lines with us including Duncan are feeling that somehow David got singled out because his reaction to a death threat became so public. Sorry guys. That includes me. I am out there every day. And we went public in this case because that is the Camelot motto and for good reason. It works. ‘The best place to hide is out in the open’.

I was notified of the threats 25 minutes before my Wednesday night show. This is LIVE radio. Deal with it. No canned dramas, no rehearsals. Just the real thing.

And yes, he cried and showed fear. It wasn’t an act. He’s not a supersoldier and he doesn’t wear a mask. He has that wonderful gift of a rich emotional life close to the surface. Sure he could have stood it like a man, stoic in the face of the threats. I caught him unguarded and totally accessible. So sue me. This is what we do. We put the truth out there. Raw and uncensored.

My reply to Duncan’s post also posted on Camelot Forum:

MY REPLY to Duncan’s Blog post also posted as a comment on Duncan’s Blog

Kerry Cassidy said,
December 18, 2011 at 6:16 pm…;posted=1#post383594

You know Duncan, you are insulting me here. Interesting how an act of love and concern on the part of me (it was MY SHOW) and no it was not a dog and pony show… and the love and concern on the part of Anonymous gets twisted… by you into something it was not. Yes we went live with it… and David is not you. He has not been necessarily beaten and tortured and given several alters. He’s not a hardened super soldier. But he reacted honestly to a real threat. The other people you are insulting here is Anonymous (who you know and should respect) and the original contact/friend who told David about the threats from 2 individuals who called that person.

You also know that friend. And you are insulting him. Why? He’s also someone who deserves your respect.

The fact is, David and I are out there on the front lines right along with you and many others. So why are you and certain other people who will not be mentioned by name attacking us? Because he showed some emotion and fear. At least he was telling it like it is for him. No mask there. No alter covering the layers… You are attacking him and me For telling the truth. For revealing something going on at the time. That was live radio. Deal with it. It was real. And you of all people should know that.

If you wanted to counsel David like an older brother or father figure and tell him to suck it up I suggest an email to him would have been more of an act of love. In essence you wanted David to ‘act like a man’ stand up and fight back … well fine by why make it public? Why attack him at his most vulnerable in public? What are you aiming at?

I don’t know why “they” are winding you up… but you are off base here. I think you have your targets mixed up. Aiming at close friends and comrades in this struggle is hardly honorable.

I suggest you rethink your approach… or ask your alter to stand down. WE are not the enemy. AND WE ARE NOT A DOG AND PONY SHOW.

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot

A Note on Anonymous

For the record, as I have stated on Avalon Forum… I do know Anonymous.. I invited him to come on the show. We did this in order to get a message out there to protect David. That mission was accomplished. At great personal risk Anonymous came forward. He is not from ‘off world’ as some surmised. He is very much one of us. By that I mean, he is a highly gifted human with ET roots as we all are.

Another clarification

The risk to David has to do with having copies of or seen copies of the Book of Maklumat and possiblity that he may have seen the Book of Codes. The people David is dealing with have seen them (as least this is what they claim). According to one of my sources who has seen the Book of Codes, this is supposedly enough to get you killed. Several others he was with were killed.

Nothing in this story is new. All of it is out there a multitude of places. The drama focuses for the most part on the gold in the Phillippines. The word we have is that it has since been taken many places including off world. There may be some remaining gold which is under guard and also surrounded by what one might call a force field likely erected by an off-world race, possibly the Anunnaki.

Update from David’s site:

…”I have also now been contacted by the Dragon Family representatives associated with the lawsuit, and as a result of this threat, I have been told to relay the following:


Note: what David was given are copies of a portion of the The Book of Maklumat which are quite difficult to read and are separate from the Book of Codes….


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