David Wilcock does not have the Book of Codes

Important Note:David does not have the Book of Codes nor does he have any copies… Apparently having a copy of this in possession will get you killed. Among other things it lays out the Illuminati agenda authored many years ago… positing the cashless society and credit cards when they did not yet exist. A Source has told me that he was one of the few people to see it. He didn't look long because among other things it is surrounded by a very dark energy.

click here to listen to my radio show with David Wilcock, Anonymous on Youtube without commercials

From Veteran's Today – Gordon Duff's article — reveals among other things that McCain is a double agent being run by Putin…

Spies, Just Another Job but Dumber


and another very well researched article sent to me by a source…on surveillance

Carrier IQ … by Madison Ruppert

…"The details surrounding Carrier IQ are still quite fuzzy at this point but it is clear that it is not just a diagnostic tool collecting anonymous information to make our user experience better."


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