December 1, 2011

The Truth is Out There : Layers of the Onion and Richard C. Hoagland

Hi all,

I have read the Glen Canady/Michael Vara article on Late Night's Before It's News click here to view and I have to take issue with several of the points made there.

Whereas clearly the writer has good intentions and is trying to 'do the right thing', unfortunately this is a case where the surface incidents and facts do not tell the whole story. Working with whistleblower testimony for nearly six years and having spent 24/7 researching this field I have to say that what comes to light most during this time of transition is how people who are well meaning seem to be misled or lack the skills and experience to delve deeper into the truth of all the things going on around them.

Richard C. Hoagland is not perse a disinfo agent or a liar. He is however playing politics and carefully working to craft his message regarding the truth about NASA in such a way to not only expose the game being played but to do so WITH REGARD TO TIMING which he feels is all important. At the same time, he, like anyone else who discovers the truth about the Matrix, wants to stay alive in the process. Whereas, it is entirely possible he is a Mason, (I do not know this) he is not one of the "bad" ones. I can say in my dealings with him, with multiple conversations in depth about areas of his research, that he is working hard to get the truth out. 

What many people who get into this sector don't realize is that every person out there has multiple alliances and that not all alliances agree with each other. Given the incredibly diverse playing field we are dealing in, it is important to also note that anyone out there who stays alive is both protected and on some level dealing with shades of grey. The minute a person starts pointing fingers and looking at the world of multiple dimensions from a perspective of black and white they lose track of the game and what is really going on. 

This is where discernment comes in. While I am well aware that Richard holds back data, I am also well aware he does so because he is still collecting substantiation and withholding elements that may seem random or that would change the game and cause him to be derailed, taken off-line and/or killed, if revealed too soon or at the wrong time. Especially if he releases what he knows without regard to the consequences not only for himself but for humanity.

People who call for the truth rarely realize that there is a huge responsibility to releasing it. This is something one who deals in the real stuff… only realizes over time. Every new release of info carries with it a ripple effect on the planet that is far-reaching and not to be taken lightly.

While I do not know the details of Hoagland's interaction with Gary other than what is said in the article linked above, I can say that as someone who has gone deep down the rabbit hole and put my own life in danger multiple times, I can tell you that Gary is someone who would have been targeted by the PTB from the very beginning of his dealings with Richard. This is a no-brainer. And once you realize this, then, what happened to Gary follows a through-line that makes logical sense in this Alice in Wonderland world that the purveyors of MKUtra, mind control and scaler weaponry take full advantage of…. 

The fact is, that it is entirely likely that the pictures of Mars that Gary is focused on exist and are being kept from the public. Hoagland may even have been told on no uncertain terms not to release them. This doesn't make him a liar. It makes him someone who wants to stay alive (and also by the way someone who wants to keep his loved ones alive).

I do not know what Robin Falkov's role was in this saga… Or if what is said in the article is at all accurate. I do know that in my dealings with Robin, she comes across to me as a very intelligent, caring person who is also putting her life on the line for humanity. Clearly her perspective as a sometime confidante of Gary's wife put her in the middle of this drama but I believe it's very likely the real story is far more complex.

Suffice to say that I have offered Richard and Robin a venue to discuss these accusations in a public forum either on my radio show on American Freedom Radio or on a Livestream event.

A note on the money: many people do not understand what goes on behind the scenes with regard to the money, how people who investigate the Matrix and stay alive, pay the rent and so on. Just recently David Wilcock and Richard Hoagland did a FREE livestream event with me that is still available for free on the Project Camelot Live Channel on Livestream

People have got to realize that in this quest for the truth there are two major aspects… one is gathering and reporting the data, another is interpreting it!! JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T AGREE WITH SOMEONE'S CONCLUSIONS OR INTERPRETATION OF THE DATA IS NO REASON TO THROW OUT THE ACTUAL FACTS PRESENTED. Learning to discern, cross-correlate and understand the complexities of right and wrong, who the good guys are etc is an intense discipline and takes years of experience, a level of detachment and discernment that few people are able to master at this time. 

For example, both David Wilcock and Richard Hoagland prefer to see Obama as a good guy… They are fighting against all odds and appearances to maintain this perspective but this doesn't make them "liars". What it does indicate is that they are seeing levels of secrecy beyond the obvious. And, they are coming to this conclusion based on what they think they know. 

My take on Obama is that as a soul he has a choice, he came in to play the game on the side of the masters (so-called) and in order to stay alive and move through the levels of the game he must appear to be on the dark side. He may in the process have been compromised and joined them. On the other hand he may at some point reveal himself to be on the side of the light by, in some strategic moment coming out with something so devastating he will get himself killed doing it. This is the Kennedy dilemma facing him. Now, all indicators are that he has gone over to the dark side and is completely compromised. However, this game is nothing if not a Hall of Mirrors. So I keep an open mind in regard to all players and all information going forward… watch and listen carefully. 

There is no doubt if you follow the White Hat Reports that Obama is taking pay-offs, stealing money and stashing it… but why? This is the question you need to ask. Many White Hats MUST PARADE THEMSELVES AS OF THE DARK in order to complete their mission. So keep this in mind.

Another thing that is going on here is WISHFUL THINKING… many people including Hoagland, Wilcock and many others want to see the LIGHT SIDE win… we all do. But wanting something and seeing it happen are two different things. However, this desire can color the way you interpret the current goings on here on Planet Earth moving rapidly front and center into 4D. There is a level at which the fact is that the LIGHT WILL WIN in the end… however that may be a long time from now. So when you hear someone talk and relay info it's important to understand what they WANT and weigh it against what they say they KNOW. Because distortion is the name of the game here.

This is what I suggest. Start to realize that players in this game are playing on multiple levels. You cannot look at simply surface data and think you have the whole story. At this time, more than any other those who seem to be working to benefit Humanity are often just as easily using that as a cover, just as those who may seem to be working against you are using the dark as a camouflage in order to stay alive and complete their mission on your behalf.

Lastly, with regard to Elenin and YU55: all the Camelot whistleblower info with regard to both these so called asteroids is that they are and were CONTROLLED by someone. That means they are able to change course etc. The entire group of contacts Hoagland was dealing with—with regard to YU55 went black right after it was supposedly crossing our atmosphere. At the same time, Obama and the whole APEC conference was going on in Hawaii… Simultaneously, Hoagland's sources were seeing a SUBSTITUTION in the skies… with a metallic overlay, going along the original NASA trajectory. We were live on Livestream when this was happening. This is what his sources told him they were getting… All info on YU55 went black and then, a substitution appeared. According to Hoagland it wasn't even a good decoy… It was as if, those who are running YU55 wanted the scientists and white hats who were tracking it to KNOW they were being lied to… Where did the real craft go? Did it rendezvous with one of ours? Was there something on board being dropped off? All these are good questions but where are you going to get the answers? Listening to channelers who are as easily programmed as anyone else is not the answer.

Of course Hoagland looks like he's wrong if the people behind the scenes can change the game at any moment! And that goes for a lot of good people right now making bad predictions. Hoagland is following the clues and doing so meticulously and at great personal risk. He is not a NWO shill. There are a lot easier ways to kiss the ass of those in charge. 

You can focus on tearing down other people because you see discrepancies in their logic, conclusions or behavior but I suggest keeping your eyes on the ball. No one has the whole story. And the fight to discover the real truth of what's going on and get it out to the people continues. They are waking up. And so are you. But in the end, you have to learn to see the layers within the layers. It's all cloak and dagger, yin and yang, light and dark. But in this game, especially at this level, the dark masquerades as the light and the light as the dark. Learn discernment and pay attention to what resonates. Because what resonates with your heart and spirit is where the truth is.. .not in superficial details that don't add up or painting a logic trail with a broad brush saying this is black and this is white. 

Above all, as Hoagland has said again and again, 'the lie is different at every level'. This is what a source said to him and it's very very true. Especially when it comes to what the public is told. They are lied to every which way to Sunday and beyond. Nothing is as you see it. It's all maya and illusion. But within that, the truth is out there. And in all of us. 

Best wishes,

Kerry / Project Camelot

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