Nov 13, 2011

Iran Loses Top Missle Expert in Blast

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There is something unclear about this incident… It will be interesting to see what intel surfaces on this.


All footage has now been moved to our servers for viewing by our webmaster Tommy. Please note hosting this footage and the amount of work our webmaster Tommy has had to do has been substantial. Please understand we are a very small team existing on very small resources at this time. In order to pay our rent, food and bills we must charge for this footage.

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Project Camelot is now in need of a assistant website administrator for our current and future projects:
The requirements needed for this position includes:

– Expert Joomla 1.5 (and\or above) skills
– Practical MySQL knowledge\skills
– At least basic server management knowledge (WHM, Webmin and Ubuntu Server)
– PHP code editing\development
– Flexible hours
– Initiative
– People skills (user support, etc)

Preferred skills (but not required) :

– Expert Linux Developer knowledge 
– Server side transcoding and streaming
– IPTV related technologies 
– Editing and Producing skills for online events (live and post-stream)

Intel Behind the Scenes on the Bankers

According to a source, contractors and builders in Connecticut are reporting that banking families are vacating their houses. Suddenly and without explanation, whole families are leaving the state. Where they are going isn't known. This is one of the more chilling "signs" I've heard that something major is coming down with respect to the banks in the near future.

Additionally, a source who made a recent trip to Switzerland and met with a secret Swiss banker has revealed the hidden story behind how Swiss Bankers are choosing to deal the squeeze from the Americans (and presumably New World Order contingent) to reveal who their clients are… This crackdown on Americans with off-shore bank accounts also extends to those in other countries such as Saudi Arabia and UAE (United Arab Emirates), think Dubai.

Some bankers have folded and joined the ranks of the SEC turning over records and details against the long cherished code of secrecy (client privilege) that has made the Swiss banking industry so successful and respected worldwide. Others have not.

Without going into any detail, suffice to say that some bankers are risking their lives and reputations and livelihood to continue to safeguard their client's money. One can't help but to admire this tenacity. And what comes to mind is the era of the Nazis where the streets of cities like Zurich and Bern are no longer safe havens for those seeking to conduct business. Especially if it involves banking. Now the business is conducted behind closed doors in out of the way places and hidden vaults. Switzerland, hasn't stood alone for quite some time politically, choosing to align itself with various factions over the past few years. But the stronghold of banking has maintained a sort of island of secrecy even beyond the fluctuations in the winds of politics. Until now.

As Swiss bankers endeavor to maintain their integrity they say that the moving tide of this relentless new world order machine will eventually reach them and their clients. It's only a matter of time.

Lithium in Afghanistan – Jesse Ventura

The fact of lithium in Afghanistan as motivation for our involvement there not only for cell phones and electric cars but apparently for use in going off planet was revealed by Camelot whistleblowers some time ago. Jesse does a good job of addressing why we go to war at least partially. One wonders when he will get to the point of talking openly about the secret government and black projects and the hidden economy that operates surrounding our secret space program. Given the incredible amount of activity and war being conducted in our skies with various visitors… any bankruptcy of the American economy is likely fairly superficial. One might say, above ground only.

People need to realize that their focus on banksters is misguided. The real culprit and drain is the Secret Space Program and Black Projects being conducted under cover.

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How the Vatican can Save Italy

…"This morning, the euro has gapped up 1-cent after it was announced that Italy had successfully auctioned off 5 Billion (euros) of Bills. (at the highest rate in a month of Sundays)." — Chuck Butler, Daily Pfenning newsletter for Everbank

I was thinking of how well Italy did with their "auction" and it occurred to me that if the Vatican would do two things it would likely 'save Italy' and bring Gods grace upon their halls such as hasn't been the case in aeons…

1. Make an announcement they are no longer collecting donations in their churches and at Vatican city and urge all Italians to either start savings accounts with the money or donate to their city/state infrastructure etc.

2. Open the halls of records below the Vatican and charge admission for entry (time spent) and donate the funds gathered to the refinancing of Italy's debt and feeding/sheltering the people.

3. Auction off gold relics stored in the Vatican to wealthy patrons.

Note the above is not only sarcasm but common sense!

As Steve Jobs would say 'THINK DIFFERENTLY".


PAGE EIGHTThis is a highly recommended very well done spy thriller done in the time honored British style… low key and tastefully like a good wine, smooth with a bite at the end. What is revealed in this and some previous such movies coming out of Britain is the constant allusion to how the Americans don't share well what they are doing with the Brits. Interesting focus.

While it is clear dedicated British civil servants and spy masters may feel that their is an imbalance afoot considering all the black projects and military industrial weight on the side of the Americans. However my info says that at least under cover of blackness the Brits and Americans are sharing quite well in places like Menwith Hill and other bases not so well known.

So that while I admire the accurate human depiction of intricacies of relationships within the 'service' and superb direction by David Hare, I wonder why he neglects to go deeper into why (if it were even true which it is not) the Prime Minister would be operating independent of his own secret services and parliament. Even in fiction, there should be more insight into the real back chamber goings on that top levels of British government must have some knowledge of and involvement with. No doubt they are operating on the outside while the Rothschilds and other no so well known accomplices and the City of London are involved in really running things. Still one would think by this time there would be some bleed through into scenarios found in TV and cinema.

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While this is a superbly well acted and expertly directed old style biopic unfortunately it glosses over crucial historical events in which J. Edgar Hoover is known to have been very involved, including notably, the assassinations of John and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. In fact, it even makes it appear as though J. Edgar was more involved in gathering data for his files, bringing mob members to justice and maintaining the "image of the bureau" rather than what was most certainly the real truth.

Unfortunately the emphasis on the personal side of J. Edgar's life at the expense of his professional activities ends up as a whitewash and a lie in terms of his real role in American history. The efforts to make him seem a sympathetic character even calls to mind the possibility that Clint Eastwood, the highly talented and respected director, has either become knowingly or inadvertently, a salesman for the New World Order as well as the conservative side of American politics.

Some would say that J. Edgar Hoover was very involved in the planning if not implementing of the Kennedy assassination. He also well known for hounding Martin Luther King and many celebrities, well known artists and revolutionary groups. It is also completely possible, given the time, that he was being run from within the secret government to carry out their instructions.

Under Hoover's watch, …."The FBI participated in the Venona Project, a pre–World War II joint project with the British to eavesdrop on Soviet spies in the UK and the United States. It was not initially realized that espionage was being committed, but due to multiple wartime Soviet use of one-time pad ciphers, which are normally unbreakable, redundancies were created, enabling some intercepts to be decoded, which established the espionage. Hoover kept the intercepts—America's greatest counterintelligence secret—in a locked safe in his office, choosing not to inform President Truman, Attorney General J. Howard McGrath, or two Secretaries of State—Dean Acheson and General George Marshall—while they held office. He informed the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the Venona Project in 1952." — Wikipedia

Given the involvement of the FBI in COINTELPRO and the necessity of dealing with the Brits and American branches of intelligence also operating during those years J. Edgar had to be a lot more involved and quite possibly instrumental in creating the National Security State as we now know it. Keep in mind the backdrop of WWII, Project Paperclip and the advent of MKULtra not to mention the building/expansion of underground bases and the entire machine of secrecy that we now "enjoy" living under and within. Unfortunately the filmmakers of J. Edgar preferred to emphasize instead his personal relationships while there is much more of critical importance to be wrapped into a movie script on his life.

While the movie is still worth seeing for the acting and direction and the deft and perceptive handling of a deep long lasting love affair between two men, in the final analysis it lends little to the effort to reveal the true history of Hoover or his real role in the culture of secrecy established in America over the period of his leadership of the FBI.

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