September 23, 2011

Richard C. Hoagland on Coast to Coast quoted regarding Elenin on Rumor Mill News:

click here to view article on Rumor Mill News (reposted below)

Richard C. Hoagland: Update on Comet Elenin -vid

Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 23-Sep-2011 09:47:37
Final hour guest Richard C. Hoagland shared his thoughts on Comet Elenin, Friday’s impending satellite re-entry, and 2012. He decried the hysteria surrounding Elenin, declaring that he’d “never seen any object so hyped and so lied about than this little nothing, wimpy thing.”

Hoagland also voiced suspicions over the origins of the comet’s discovery, noting that Leonid Elenin, the man who discovered it, has seemingly rebuffed nearly all press surrounding the object. He encouraged listeners to avoid what he sees as “fear conditioning” by the media surrounding Elenin and surmised that something about the approaching comet threatens the world elite. As such, Hoagland mused that “someone in power is deathly afraid of it, so it must be a good thing.”

The last statement is very intriguing… Come down to Awake and Aware this weekend to find out the rest of the story…


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