September 9, 2011


Magma moving in Southern California/ desert plumes.


According to my source: European Space Agency reports Nibiru or the Brown Dwarf has flipped Saturn on it’s axis 90%.

This is coming from a very accurate source.

VACOUVER: 6.7 Earthquake now downgraded to 6.4 who do you believe?

First report…cnn 6.7

click here for USGS report

Earthquake Deleted?

I subscribe to the EQ report… I just received the following:

DELETED: Event CI 11004477


***This event has been deleted after review by a seismologist.***

Geographic coordinates: 36.350N, 117.630W
Magnitude: 4.1
Universal Time (UTC): 9 Sep 2011 19:44:59
Time near the Epicenter: 9 Sep 2011 12:44:59

Location with respect to nearby cities:
10 km (6 miles) NNW (340 degrees) of Darwin, CA
27 km (16 miles) SE (125 degrees) of Keeler, CA
34 km (21 miles) ENE (73 degrees) of Olancha, CA
47 km (29 miles) SE (124 degrees) of Lone Pine, CA
217 km (135 miles) W (275 degrees) of Las Vegas, NV

..the question is whether this is indeed a non-event or what is going on. In light of the loss of power of parts of Southern California due to the supposed incident in Arizona I wouldn’t discount anything.

Regarding a Possible event in September

I recently received news that there may be something planned (along the lines of a man-made event) here in California sometime this month. I do not have enough information to verify this however it may be prudent to be prepared for any contingency regardless if you live in this state.

Places to Stay for Whistleblowers and Tommy

Thank you to the wonderful people who are contributing funds for whistleblower international flights… We are close to having enough but may need more as these flights are very expensive.

In addition, we may need places to stay for the week following the event for at least 2 WB and Tommy my webmaster. If you have plenty of room or access to very decent accommodations that you can donate please contact me. Note: location must be in LA or north due to driving and logistics.

email: [email protected]


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