August 2, 2011

Fascism, Sweden, Norway the Illuminati hold over the Nordic North

This article/eulogy to the death of Stieg Larsson author of the brilliant The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and other books byVanity Fair’s Christopher Hitchens is worth taking a look at. It happened in 2004 and needless to say it would seem odd to begin to draw any conclusions from the brief clues here but something is brewing in these Nordic countries that has echoes here in the states nonetheless.

Note from Chinese source

He wrote: …”On comet elenin, we are pretty sure that is not only a stone or ice. Be prepared, the US guys are asking all military around the world to obsere that little “comet” now. [….his contact] reconfirmed that the infra-red photos of elenin is “extremely extraordinary”.

Dutchsinse Footage of Anomalous object and moons?

click here for the video just released

Ted Gunderson dies

I got word Ted Gunderson, former FBI division chief, whistleblower passed away a couple days ago. I had the good fortune to meet him not long ago thanks to George Green. Gunderson had a lot of info and you might say knew where the bodies are buried. He was diagnosed with cancer and seemed to die very shortly after that. A bit suspicious in my view.

I did not know him well, but he seemed to be a kind and honorable man.

We spoke briefly about The Octopus and Danny Casolaro. He was very familiar with this story. I had asked him to come on my radio show and he had agreed. I’m sorry we didn’t get the chance.

It is worth noting that many are passing over at this time (or at least it seems like that). One might event think we are on the verge of some momentous change at this time and these deaths are the harbinger of those who did not for whatever reason, want to be here for that transition.

click here for his website




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