July 24, 2011

Christopher Story – EU Corruption – The truth about Nazi’s and the 4th Reich

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White Hats Report #23

July 22, 2011 – White Hats Reports #23

Progress Update: Murdoch News; Patriots send letter to US Treasury, Senate, House and Obama to save America; The Tropos Files.

In White Hats Report #22, we spoke to the issues of a Bilderberg member interfering in the media exposure of the Bush and Ackerman stories in Germany and America. We told you the information was highly explosive and we also told you to “Expect much more on this”.

When White Hat Report #22 came out the world was on the verge of tipping to one side or the other … the world was going to have to start to change or it was going to succumb. The arrogance of the Cabal was immense and running rampant. Now with our friend Rupert taking a tumble, the world is starting to change for the better and the Cabal is in deep shock and very quiet. Do they leave Rupert in the dust to survive or do they come into the light to help him out? We are seeing the World that can only take so much. We are seeing when the pimple is ready to pop it will distort the view for a bit of time but in the end the blemish will heal. You just need the ability to open the blemish up and air it out.

Thank You to the United Kingdom for having the outright fortitude to withstand the trauma of Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. We hope the lives of the men and women who acted as the whistleblowers mean something very dear to you and that you will remember what they have done to keep the free world safe and strong. Remember them by listening to the people of the world and not the individuals like Murdoch that have aspirations above and beyond humanity. We do not need this type of individual’s tyranny in the world especially when a person of such supposed esteem is the culprit of such blasphemy against the human race.

So, about the whistleblowers, they did not die from natural causes. That would be like saying the second airplane hit the World Trade Towers was also a mere coincidence. To our friends in the United Kingdom, if your Medical Examiners are not proficient with the methods of disposing of someone when the going gets tough, then terminate the guy and allow us to do the autopsy. We know the methods and the chemicals used for such an activity and can identify the source immediately.

You have a significant problem with the Bildeberg’s thinking they can “handle” the problem by eliminating … killing someone … to keep them from exposing the information. Just look around at all of the deaths surrounding this already, and in a few short hours look how much has developed and the horn has barely sounded. “Do you think there is a problem?” Well Rupert, there are more whistleblowers. You will not be able to remove them all. The target is you and the treasonous things you have done to humanity including controlling the information you have sworn to pass to the world at large.

For the audience, sit back and watch the fireworks. Rupert, his son, his Board of Directors, his Executives and all of the people they have corrupted have never gone down this path before so let them make all of the statements they want about humility and not knowing . Going on record is always interesting especially if you think you have everything under control. So, Rupert, the next time we say “Expect much more on this” pull up a seat on the curb…the parade is about to start. click here for more….

The Diary of a MKUltra Manchurian Candidate

Isn’t it interesting how they put together the psychological profile that they want to create just the right mix of illogic and fanaticism to make the public believe…

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Object photographed by Florida Institute of Technology Allsky Camera

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