An epidemic of whistleblower deaths? What’s goin on??


July 20, 2011

An epidemic of whistleblower deaths ? What’s goin on??

click here for the latest in the Rupert Murdoch hacking/bugging at News Corp story…

My trip to India with Ashayana Deane and Group – October 15 – Nov 2

In exchange for advertising on my sites, I will be able to accompany Ashayana Deane and group on their trip to India. Thank you to Azurite Press so much for doing this exchange and making this wonderful opportunity possible.

My understanding is that this trip is already full. For those interested to see the detail:

click here for the link

Attacks on Sites

It has begun. Every time we are about to do a live event they start attacking our server and sites (more than the usual). This is a clear indication that they don’t want events such as this to take place. The last thing the Powers-that-Were want us to do is talk to each other and compare notes… The conclusions then become unmistakable!!