(the title was wrong on one of the speakers and had to be changed — that is the only change)

Note on Cost: The price is and has been $19 …. the issue we have is paying the speaker fees and the technical team as well as fees to Livestream. We spend many hours setting up each of these group conferences. We are going to be offering a discounted rate to Camelot supporters who wish to subscribe to these events shortly. Without financial support future events will not happen.



JULY 22, 2011 @ 2PM PDT

We are very pleased to announce this Friday a Camelot Roundtable Discussion on James Bond, hidden technology and the Nazis:


Mike Sparks

Jim Marrs

Greg Hallett

Dr. James Fetzer

Dr. James Viken

HOSTED BY: Kerry Cassidy

Tickets are on sale now… PROJECTCAMELOT.TV

Purchase a ticket and support the work of Project Camelot and the researchers who have devoted years of their lives to uncovering the secrets behind the matrix in your world!

The untold story behind the James Bond movies… the secrets Ian Fleming knew and used fiction to portray.

Most spy fiction and movie lovers know Ian Fleming as the
inspiration behind the wildly popular James Bond series, but the seemingly harmless hero myth of Agent 007, is in fact Fleming himself, a former British naval intelligence commander during World War II, dropping hints and spilling secrets about the world’s most dangerous people and associations. The terror organizations and doomsday devices found in the James Bond series were not merely dreamt up by Fleming, but were inspired by the intelligence he gathered during World War II. Fans of James Bond, history, and military and spy conspiracy theories will be fascinated by the back-story of the now infamous spy novelist who warned of real danger in his engrossing series.
Join these stellar researchers into hidden technology as they join forces to discuss hidden technology the government has, but does not want you to know about!

go to: projectcamelot.tv to BUY ADVANCE TICKETS

Note: the POST CONFERENCE STREAM will be available after the Live Event for the same price.

During the LIVE event there is a chat portion that will allow for questions from the audience.

If you have any questions or comments write to:
[email protected]
[email protected]



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