Cynthia Marie Brewer : Secrets Behind the Human Genome Project – Audio Interview

Cynthia Marie Brewer claims her DNA was taken and used as the original fully sequenced DNA for the Human Genome Project against her will. From there on her story, if she is to be believed, has tentacles in nearly every aspect of human endeavor on the planet. Ultimately the trail leads to the purpose behind the Illuminati obsession with bloodlines and the emphasis they have on blending what is called in occult circles “the red” with “the black”.

This involves the “red” being blue-eyed redheads who descend from the Neanderthal… and have a tendency to be non-violent and more empathetic as well has having a proclivity for telepathy (see Graham Hancock’s recent book “Entangled” for more on this)… What are called “blacks” in occult cirlces — are the blond haired, or other hair color, with blue/green eyes of Celtic descendants from the Anunnaki bloodline, who tend to be more aggressive, highly intelligent, ruler of people also with psychic sensitivity.. (also known as the Illuminati bloodline).

From there on it gets wildly convoluted. Listen to this preliminary investigation into the secrets regarding the sequencing of human DNA and to where it may lead….

The Definition according to Wikipedia:

The Human Genome Project (HGP) is an international scientific research project with a primary goal of determining the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up DNA, and of identifying and mapping the approximately 20,000–25,000 genes of the human genome from both a physical and functional standpoint. — Wikipedia

Additional note: Some of you may remember when Benjamin Fulford went into the hospital for a spinal operation. What they discovered at the base of his spine sounds like a very similar kind of ‘creature’ or chimera (see article re Benjamin Fulford’s “creature”) to the one that Cynthia Brewer refers to in this audio interview. Once they removed it, Benjamin asked to have the photos after his operation. Apparently, all evidence of then ‘disappeared’ from the hospital. Considering Benjamin is also from an illuminati bloodline this follows along with the same idea as mentioned here. That is, that these implanted organisms take on the genetics of the host and then are removed and used in genetic experiments and possibly future cloning procedures.

DNA Patenting
Paper by Cynthia Brewer

Submitted to Project Camelot, August 15, 2011

Indeed, the principle objective of biotechnology is to produce commercial products for economic gain. However, any industry will not initiate high-risk, long-term projects without knowing that the results of its research efforts can be legally protected from competitors, thus the U.S. Patent Offices has sanctioned privileges for intellectual property rights and include trade secrets, trademarks, and patents; while no protections have been made to protect Divine Sentient Beings from the horrors of the products.

A biotechnology patent is a legal document that gives the patent holder exclusive rights to implement the described invention commercially. The two major categories for patents consist of products and processes. The patent holder can develop other products that are directly derived from the original invention, while competitors must purchase the right to use the invention to develop a product based on the initial invention. A prime example is patented diseases and remedies specifically including pharmacopoeia.

Patent law very around the world, and throughout history, a consistent principle of patent law was that a patent could not be granted for anything that is a product of nature or any type of therapy for human or animals. The application for a patent must be feasible, novel, non obvious, utility and general acceptability by the patent office; thus, biotechnology and pharmacopoeia are in a perpetual race to create genetically engineered biodiversity by and through the splicing of DNA and creating superbugs, such as staph infections.

In 1980, in a landmark decision the U.S. Supreme Court decided that a genetically modified organism was patentable to protect the intellectual property right for the development and use of the “superbug”, a genetically engineered microorganism used to clean up the oil spill in Alaska from the Exxon Valdes. The patent was developed by A. Chakrabarty, who was working for the General Electric Corporation.

Following the landmark decision to patent genetically modified microorganisms, the U.S. Patent laws ultimately allowed Goldman and Sacs subsidiary, Genetech, to market human tPA. This lead to the regular patenting of multicellular organisms such as the “oncomouse”; and ultimately exclusive ownership of living and natural material.

The exclusive ownership of natural and God gifted property led to controversy over the morals and ethics of these patenting statutes and the rights of people and animal; with human rights always prevailing. For example, if an invention on animals approved for use to cure human disease, the current view is that the needs supersede those of the animal. This led to the regular and routine patenting of transgenetic animals and plants.

U.S. Patent 4,237,224, which as granted to Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer on December 2, 1980 entitled, “Process for producing biologically functional molecular chimeras” for recombinant DNA technology for both use of viral and plasmid vectors and the cloning of foreign genes ultimately resulted in the patenting of the Human Genome. This led the DNA sequencing and the “genebanks”, patented by the elite noncooperating research groups who are registered to do “Human Takings” for biotechnology and pharmacopoeia. They chose the “qualified candidate” through DNA analysis in accord with information obtained from the genebanks.

Patenting laws are consistent with positive economic impact for special interest groups. The U.S. Patent Office now regularly accepts the use of animals and humans as intellectual property of Big Business, claiming they own the rights to our bodies and DNA, effectively awarding a monopoly that results in abominations and mass diseases throughout the world, restricts competition, curtails new invention, leads to higher prices, and favors large corporations such as government. This was the significance of The Human Genome Project, and the chimera that resulted known as Dolly the Sheep.

Research is carried out secretly and information is not shared; therefore, repeated experiments are carried out on many different unwitting victims, mass suffering and time and effort is wasted sometimes resulting in genocide of some races and Tribes even if they scattered around the world.

Traditional science has become hostage to patent holders recognizing the rights of patent holders over the bodies and DNA of the living, breathing, sentient being who was born with a body gifted from Our Creator. Every medical professional must honor the exclusive rights of the patent holder and innovative procedure for controlling the patent regardless of the consequences, including death of the host. The goal being to extort the maximum amount of money in the process controlling the patented disease and regardless of damage, injuries, morals, ethics, pain, suffering or agony of the unwitting host.

Combine the patent laws with the fact that the Vatican has claimed ownership to all property, including our bodies and DNA, by and through undisclosed solemn edicts known as Papal Bulls, it has become the world economy to buy, sell and trade human beings and Divine Immortal Beings has commodities and hosts for biotechnology and pharmacopoeia effectively controlling an estimated minimum of 2/3 of the worlds’ economies.




Cynthia Marie Brewer –

unwittingly used in the International Human Genome Project

NOTE: This is a horrible collection of memories that I do not like to revisit, and thus chose to discuss other things. Please feel free to spread the word and speak them yourself. This hardly touches the tip of the ice burg when it comes to recalling tragedy and the stories are a real bummer. Trust me on this! People ask how I know it was me and I respond with anonymous informed me and many others who I would endanger by naming. This is a brief scenario of what went down during that time. Perhaps I will add to it another time, but it is really toxic and I want to move forward.

How this all started.

1. In my life. I was just an average person. I lived in Long Beach, CA. I was a single, sole income parent of a three year old at the time of diagnosis. I was very healthy, extraordinarily strong, and had unusually high endurance until the 1997 medical experiments

a. Education – Working as a waitress, I attended community colleges for years searching for a trade that I was willing to devote my live to. Finally in the 1980’s I took a career guidance course and chose landscaping, as it best suited my desires. With straight A’s, in that subject, I graduated with an associates degree in ornamental horticulture, and became accredited with a chemical applicators license.

b. Employment – Back then, I was very social. For about 20 years, I waited tables served cocktails and did some bartending. When I graduated, I started a landscaping business, but found that too challenging and undesirable to run a business, so I sought employment with Environmental Care Inc. The overuse and improper use of chemicals was unsettling to my conscious threatened my employment. (This is another story). Late in 1996, I worked as a salesperson at The Marina Del Rey Garden Center in Marina Del Rey, California, when the discovery of a large mass in my right hip was made. I had a 1,000,000.00 medical insurance policy from my employment.


. I could work hard and regularly lift and carry over 100 pounds all day, without any consideration; but could not sit without back pain beginning in 1995. In 1996 I began trouble driving to and from work, but could sport 150 pound concrete pots around without issue. I went to many doctors and all told me that nothing was wrong. Finally, a chiropractor told me I had an abnormal lump in my right hip and was insistent with doctors about the same finally leading me for proper diagnosis.

Once the discovery in MRI was disclosed, I was referred five ‘levels’ to different doctors up a hierarchy to Dr. Eckardt at UCLA in Westwood/Santa Monica. Dr. Echardt was so high up and such a specialist that he could not be found in any registries or phone books at the time, and could only be accessed by referral for special cases. Briefly described here, I was told that he was the “Chairman of the World Cancer Board”; and I later discovered that no other doctor in the whole country would care for me.

I was told that I had an extremely rare type of cancer; so rare that it did not appear on the internet and that nothing was published in the medical books. I was called a “Desmoids sarcoma”, which is an oxymoron defined as a “non-metastatic metastatic” tumor. It was in my hip joint, connected to the sciatic nerve and wrapped around my femur, measuring somewhere around 8″+ long, and I guess about 4″ in diameter. Since I was refused access to my medical records (Now known to be top secret classified government white papers), I do not have the exact true information.

(Come to find out later this was the chimera)


I suffered of seriously unreasonably heavy menstrual flow, that I repeated complained of, while the medical community refused to recommend treatment for or diagnosis of. I noticed that my face was becoming more square as my jowls were growing larger than I perceived as reasonably normal and indicating disease to me. I went regularly to get allergy shots.

My weight distribution got strange. I could not control my weight, although I was vigorously exercising at least 8 to 10 hours a day and eating very modestly for the exercise I was getting. My figure became unbalanced. I carried all of my weight in my bust and abdomen. At 5′ 2″, I weighed 180 pounds, with very muscular shoulders and lean legs and buttocks. With this type of disproportions, the “tumor” was nearly ten pounds and still appeared proportional. I wore size 38 “G” bra, and the size 9 pants fit loose except for the abdomen and looked more balanced with the 10 pound growth in my buttocks.

(Come to find out later, this was DNA alterations)

NOTE: One of the primary reasons that I was chosen from my understanding is because I inherited the CCR5 gene from both parents which is a type of anomaly and very rare. It is called a death receptor cell. When I receive lethal injections it is recorded, that I fall asleep and wake up after my body flushed the pathogen. What was not expected was for the immunities to the lethal injections to come from the same remedy. When they passed out the patents at the Uniprot consortium, everyone thought that they had receive a fair share of the pie, but later discovered that it was not so.).


Following multiple lies and nondisclosures, by multiple doctors, I had four surgeries in 1997 ranging from just above me knee to just below my waist. I was put under anesthesia not knowing if I would wake up with or without my leg and ½ of my pelvis that a prosthesis could not be fit for. The psychological consequences of this and many other issues were very traumatic. This same, or similar assault happen four times in one year approximately every three months.


In March 1997, I believe it was the 15th, the first of four surgeries and other treatments left me with part of my buttocks and the back of my thigh amputated. The doctor explained that he had to “Skeletonize” my sciatic nerve and take the periosteum off the femur. What this seemed to me to have happened was he remover 1/6 of my body, cleaned off the sciatic nerve, amputated a large portion of muscles, then stitched it back together using technologies that kept the distal portion of my leg and foot functioning. I woke to a large team of people cheering when I moved my foot.

Following that first surgery, I could not believe what I perceived as blatant malpractice and neglect for me. The drugs they were injecting into my body intervienously were beyond wrong. I pleaded for them to stop the drugs repeatedly. The nurses would not come near me. One time the catheter swelled up the back of my hand where it was inserted, bigger than a goose egg. I complained and the nurse told me it was normal. I finally yanked it out following as much pain as I could tolerate. They would not answer my calls.

They were vicious and hostile telling me to stop calling them when I had very serious issues. They stood back placing things on the food cart and rolled the cart to me so I could pick things up, instead of handing them to me. They refused to change my dressings. One time I sat saturated in urine for three hours before I cut it off and had to do it myself, which was a huge task since it encompassed an area from knee to waist. It was so bad I called 911 from my hospital bed to get emergency help. My mother showed up everyday and took very good care of me getting me through this.

I had a death experience following this surgery. I died and was sent back with a recollection of teleportation. (This is another story).

Something was very wrong. Some of the nurses were extremely humiliating to me. One took a fan and blew it upwards under the sheet, saying my crotch was stinky. I had never had problems with that before and could not smell any foul odors myself. Other comments about being offensive for having my breasts exposed were made while i was covered in hives and placing wet towels over my body to reduce the heat from a high temperature. (This supports the rape and diseases)

I believe it was the fourth day following the surgery; Dr. Echardt came in and finally acknowledged the “terrible reactions” to the drugs and wanted to bring a team of doctors in to help me. About 15 doctors surrounded my bed; they all had gazes of astonishment such as white faces, two different sized pupils, sweaty foreheads, their jaws on the floor and they seemed quite nervous and overly attentive. (This supports some surprised doctors to see me alive)

After 5 days I was sent home saying that the insurance did not cover any more time in the hospital, which is odd because I had Prudential Insurance, and a 1,000,000.00 (One million dollar) PPO coverage. My mother drove me home laying in the back of a van nauseous and queasy. No care information was given; not even the mention of commode handles. I had not had a bowel movement before the hospital released me. My intestines were stopped from the drugs and I began vomiting everything I ate and it eventually lead to constipation bowel movements and later diarrhea while vomiting on the toilet and no way to catch myself from falling onto the toilet with ½ of my ass amputated. No bowel movement before release? (This supports an enema given before the rape)

I get sent home with ½ of my butt and the back of my thigh amputated, a 7 day old intestinal blockage, what I perceived as an allergic reaction to drugs that caused me to experience death. No occupational or physical therapy was available. No in-home care was available. No in-home bandage changes. Not even commode handles. No instructions. No food, shelter, bandages, dressings, clothing, transportation. (This is quite obvious that I was not expected to get released)

(Come to find out this was the removal of the chimera, and the patenting of immunities to the deadliest diseases, followed by a lethal injection to eliminate the body of evidence).


Three days later, I was seeing stars and lost which way was up, so I called my mom to take me to the hospital. Memorial Hospital in Long Beach released me five days later. Basically, they stabilized me, and sent me home with commode handles and good drugs.

Nobody would discuss what had happened to me or the details of the surgery or the prognosis, and although I called every single day trying to get my medical records they were refused. No attorney, agency, advocate, FOIA, request or any other would help me. I was beyond vigilant. I believed I had cancer and want to understand what my fate may bring.


I was told that there was a positive margin so I would have to go for radiation. I was told that there was a positive margin so they expected a reoccurrence. I was also told that the lab had mishandled the tumor, which is virtually impossible due to techniques of dying tumors different colors and other things, so they did not know where the margin was. This ultimately meant that on the second surgery there was no attempt to even guess where the margin was and remove it.


I am told that I have a positive margin and it was recommended that I get radiation treatment. Again, it is advised that I see one doctor and one doctor only for this treatment, and of course he is at UCLA in Westwood/Santa Monica.

Following the neglect and malpractice from the first surgery and the knock down drag out fights with the UCLA staff, I have lost all faith and confidence in UCLA and thus decide to go to Long Beach Community Hospital where they just purchased the newest state of the art machines that are fantastic and much more precise than the old ones.

This begins with explanations of what to expect. The explanations of what to expect were not consistent with my experiences. The main thing is that I was told it may be a little warm and generally painless. Well I found it very warm and very painful and there was excessive swelling associated. That there was no mention of

I complained vigilantly about it and instead of monitoring what was happening the doctor denied what I told him and locked me in the office and demanded that the real reason I was upset was because I was disfigured, could not get disability, could not care for my child, and a whole list of true horrors that I was facing. He threatened me with a psychiatric hospital. Although those were valid problems, those were not the subject of my complaints; my complaints were over my bright red, hot, swollen and painful leg.

Luckily, I got another doctor to call him to order an MRI before I got committed to the nut ward. The MRI showed that the radiation was causing a seroma (pocket of fluid) in my leg while splitting apart the barely healed incision. There was over 32 ounces of fluid in my lag that needed to be drained at a huge risk of infection. This seroma filled back up every day and I was told that this was the cause of the second surgery.

To cover the ass of the radiologist, Dr. Echardt took the blame for it saying it was a surgical error and his fault even though it did not occur until after the radiation.


I went to ensure my Social Security Disability prior to the first surgery. Everything was supposed to be on go. Following the surgery, I was denied. That denial reoccurred about 30 times to spite of the facts that I was left invalid for over two years. Not even the Congressman could not help. I was left to the good will and charity of my family and without them I would have been thrown out the back doors of the hospital and right into the trash can.

Other agencies said was disabled and would not give me or my son any assistance because I had to collect disability who denied me 30 + times. They also said that my complaints would serve as testimony against myself giving them cause to take my son. (This is a whole different story)

I was beyond vigilant; I was left invalid for two years, and lost my PPO insurance after one years and did not qualify for medical of financial assistance, leaving me without food, shelter, clothing, transportation or anything else, entirely at the mercy of family.


This was life and death to me. I was beyond vigilant. I was on the phone and wrote every agency I could find. No one would get involved. Everyone said Dr. Echardt is the head of the World Cancer Board and that he had all power. No attorney would have anything to do with me whatsoever. No attorney would have anything to do with negligence, malpractice, Social Security Disability, Welfare, acquiring my medical records – nothing. Just the mention of my name would result in a dial tone. I am discussing thousands of calls here.


I was clueless here. These were metaphor to forgo telling the truth. How could they. Cloning was illegal. The U.S. Patent office had approved patents over life itself. There was an unwitting human takings, and there was hidden agendas and big money involved. In addition, the nature of the issue was killing people with biological warfare and those who talked died.

This stuff is so far from true, it does not warrant my energy to discuss. Any doubts about any of it, just prove that their story is a lie. Look into cloning and the other subjects.

Headlines everywhere display that “Dolly the Sheep, is born… the first mammal cloned…”. We can all see that that was a lie and blow all kinds of whole in that story. Bill Clinton is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors but the world is told he got head from Whitehouse staff Monica Lewinsky and most likely inhaled so he should be impeached. Bernie Madoff was arrested for securities fraud. Then the Trade Towers, Martha Stewart. And then of course the Judith Miller lies that made it the law to report disinformation and lies….and list is vast and long. I do hope that today we can all see that we are not invading Iraq because of the Valery Plame case that will tell you right on the case that the true matters and issue at hand is classified and that the whole thing is made up using metaphors for the public discussion and media.

I lay there invalid without so much as a meal from these alphabet people ie POS’s, MFA’s, SOB’s and am floored and appalled by the lavish wealth and materialism displayed on T.V. and later sickened by the budget spent on the election and inauguration, thinking, I wonder why I do not count, knowing I have done nothing wrong and that all these people already know what I am going through.


I could not find any other doctor to have any part in this matter. Not even to get the records or a second opinion. I was told that the second surgery consisted of scraping the lining off of the prior surgical site and allowing it to heal again without the seroma/fluid. Of course since the lab had mishandled the tumor the surgeon could not attempt to remove the positive margin. Real bad treatment in UCLA again, but this went smoother than the first surgery. I need to reference my records but I believe this was June 1997.

Again, I was refused all medical records, and information.


I believe it was September 1997, but need to check my records. What I believed to be a tumor reoccurred. It was a hard lump located in the same place as the most radical part of the amputation, right at the hip joint that no longer had much muscle covering it. I called Dr. Eckardt and reported rapid growth, thinking I would be able to get it removed almost immediately. Not so. Every day I called back explaining that it seemed to be doubling in size every day. He claimed that I had a slow growing tumor that would take about 10 years to grow to substantial size. He refused to monitor it at all claiming that the tests are too expensive. My argument was that all he needed was his finger, and refused to touch it.

I begged an pleaded with every notable surgeon in the nation to remove it quickly. I was told by my insurance that there was only one other doctor in the country that he could legally refer me to and he was in New York. I begged and pleaded with him and he sent me the recommendation written by Eckardt.

One other doctor at U of Irvine agreed to see me. When he came into the room he brought a woman with biopsy equipment who blocked the door. He tried to seduce me into agreeing to a biopsy, but refused to do immediate surgery while it was still small. I later told Eckardt about his attempt to take the cells and he left the room immediately red faced and I believe he penalized him greatly and my have taken his license to practice. That doctor was never available to me again.

Finally weeks after I hounded him, he ordered an MRI. The MRI showed that the alleged reoccurrence was about 8″ by 4″ and had taken over my whole buttocks and thigh again. He scheduled an appointment for surgery. Again, I did not know if I would wake with or without my leg and ½ of my pelvis. I lost more muscle mass and was told he had to again Skeletonize the sciatic nerve and scrape the periosteum off of the femur. It involved the whole surgical site again and it is a massive area.

I died again during third surgery at UCLA and do not have the records to know how or why. (Since I do not have the records, I believe that this was clones grown inside of my body but do not have the details, records or confirmation).

This surgery did not take well. It was the third time in one year and the area had been severely damaged with radiation. The whole area filled with fluid and it did not heal.


The fourth surgery was to correct the seroma/fluid. It was gory and scary. If special techniques did not work, it would have to be left open to the air so it could heal from the inside out.


The area radiated both time is just shy of ¼ of my body. The prescribed amount was 5,000 rads. That is the maximum amount of radiation that should ever be given to anyone for any reason. Although those medical records are also withheld, verbal information told to me is that I received 8, 000 rads, Since I was given 3,000 rads the first time and administered 5,000 rads the second time. However, their word is no good so I do not know for sure. The securities show great wealth earned by the radiological studies done to my body. The significance about the rads of radiation is that it is measure exponentially (like and earthquake) So every time you add a one you double the last number. So it is not the adding of 5,000 rads and 3,000 rads but rather the exponential component that amplifies this beyond my desire to configure the math. I got fried! The radiation did nore damage than all the surgeries combined, by far.


Please excuse the typos and etc…but I really cannot stomach reading this over again and it may take me years to decide to do so and I may pick it up tomorrow.. Thank you. Do what you wish with it.



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