07/17/2011 – Sleeper TV hit show: Suits


July 17,2011

Sleeper TV hit show: Suits

Embrace your destiny…

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Believe it or not this is a dynamite pilot episode. Tight, lean and mean but with heart. You may think it doesn't relate to Camelot type fare, but actually it does. Because human relations and how things work is what it all comes down to… yes we've got someone slick and telling lies every chance he gets but the truth gets its due and the characters have "arcs" which means they go through changes, they adapt and they learn. Not bad for 1 hour.

Now why does this even matter in this day and age of tsunami warnings, radiation, comets driven like taxis and Planet X? Because it brings something very particular to mind about what just might be happening to the groups out there that spend their time surmising what may happen tomorrow or the next day, instead of living now. If you are so wrapped up in planning for the future you forget to live in the moment you are missing it… this thing called life. Which can ONLY be lived in the now. The eternal now.

So I suggest, respectfully, that you ask yourself what are you not doing, that you would do, if you thought the future was bright and rosy instead of 'filled with dread' as some people who do nothing but plot the slow burning demise of the human race are doing. Instead, I say, f–k that. Live it now. Be aware yes, be very aware, awake and aware. But don't put life on the back burner while planning for some way of protecting your "future" or you are no better off than those people who spend their lives selling 'life insurance' like in the 1950s when they really thought something like that actually made sense.

Placing a cushion between you and the future is not what its all about. Greet it, full on. Embrace your destiny with everything you've got.