July 14, 2011

The Mission: Gathering of the Rainbow Warriors, Tribes and more…

Miriam Delicado was on my radio show last night talking about her efforts to build a bridge between the various indigenous people and why this is so important right now. This relates to the gathering of the Rainbow Warriors, which include the Camelot audience, indigos and other new and incoming children of light and other groups around the world…ultimately to encompass people everywhere on the planet.

The objective is to create a morphic field of resonance that has great power and will raise the vibration of the planet. Once connected through meditation and in full awareness, many actions are possible such as healing the earth, mitigating earth changes and more…. It goes without saying, that many groups and individuals are currently working to alter the earth changes, change the consciousness around the planet and interfere with the dark energy that pervades areas of the globe at this time. But a greater wholeness must be realized.

The following video interview with Dan Winter explains this quite well….

Dan Winter : click here to watch

With that in mind, in order to connect the indigeous people with each other and raise awareness and encourage all to work together bringing forward hidden knowledge from all corners of the globe, Miriam needs your support. The time for secret societies on all sides of the spectrum is done. Unity consciousness demands that humanity recognize itself in all its aspects and begin to come forward in full awareness to create together the kind of world we would all like to see.

For perhaps the first time in the history of this planet, members of the Dogon tribe have agreed to come forward and speak out on a live Project Camelot Roundtable regarding the importance in bringing together the tribes to work to save the planet and contribute their part in raising the consciousness of humanity. We will be doing a Livestream event on July 29, 2011 with the Dogon and Miriam Delicado to begin the process of speaking out by indigenous people to the world. Part of the purpose of the event will be to raise funds for travel and meetings to happen between the leaders of the various indigenous tribes around the world. More info about the July 29th event to come…

In Miriam’s own words:

“I recently traveled to New York in support of Hopi Elders where they met with The Dalai Lama and Colombian Mamos at a Peace Summit. Currently donations are needed for travel to Arizona to meet with a Hopi delegation. This journey will enable the continuation of dialogue of bringing Ancient tribes together from around the world. Your support is appreciated. Miriam Delicado”

Link to the page to donate: www.bluestarprophecy.com/donations/

Last night’s Camelot Whistleblower Radio show re Elenin & coming months

My guests last night were Miriam Delicado and Sean David Morton. We discussed Elenin, the necessity of uniting the Rainbow Warriors and tribes and the potential for coming changes this fall and up to and beyond 2012.

listen here to archived show

Water hot along Louisiana Coastline

click here for dutchsinse video report


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