July 9, 2011 –Updated

Alfred Webre and Sorcha Faal — disinfo regarding Richard C. Hoagland

Earlier tonight it had come to my attention that Alfred Webre and Sorcha Faal had both fallen for disinfo with regard to Richard Hoagland and his statements on Elenin SPECIAL NOTE: Alfred Webre has now corrected his article.

See Alfred Webre’s corrected article here.

Apparently Sorcha has not done the necessary research nor heard Richard’s very clear and lengthy statements on my Elenin video conference or on Richard’s recent appearances on Coast. On both occasions he stressed that Elenin is not Planet X and is not going to cause catastrophes. On the contrary, his evidence points to the craft being remotely controlled, relatively small and the harbinger of positive things.. if not disclosure!

If anyone has contact with Sorcha Faal please request a correction!

Regarding the Sound on Barry King and Bodhgaya

Please be aware, the two interviews conducted in the UK had bad sound due to the acoustics of the building we shot in.. that setting was loaned to us by a very well meaning individual. Unfortunately, the combination of echo from the room and the accents of the two interviewees; Barry King and Eva Zemanova, has made it difficult to understand what they are saying.

I have had an expert sound engineer work on the footage and apparently it is still not sufficient. We are endeavoring to get written transcripts and getting English subtitles done for both. Please understand that these are the only two interviews done at this location. Both contain valuable information.

Thank you.


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