July 8, 2011

Project Camelot Websites Redesign

We are in the process of revamping and centralizing the sites into one with easier usability… At the moment this will incorporate…. merging the Portal and Productions and Project Camelot.tv…and the forum into one. All urls for Camelot will resolve to a central lcoation with the url : projectcamelot.tv

These changes will not affect Avalon in any way. If you know Joomla or other content management systems this would be great but we also need people with good attention to detail, editing and wiriting and organizing and design skills.

Anyone who has some web skills who wants to help us please contact:  [email protected] thanks!

Space Shuttle due to Lift off

Hard to believe they are still using this technology… There are some predictions out there that surround this take off and final shuttle run. It may be prudent to pay attention to the news with regard to this.

click here for article

Saturn's giant storm

click here for JPL's pics from Feb 2011


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