July 7, 2011

On the Shooting and Sound on Various interviews…

For those who are wondering, the interviews such as the recently released Bodhgaya Incident and Barry King were shot in a building with lots of echo and unfortunately it seems my wireless mics were not working properly there either for some unknown reason. Until recently they seemed to be working fine. This is the on-going saga of what happens to Camelot when we try to interview whistleblowers and truth tellers about their experiences.

Some people write to us without any concept of what is really going on with respect to what we/I deal with in these interviews. Perhaps it might be valuable for me to explain…

Most interviews that I do now are done with the help of various friends and volunteers some who show up just prior to the interview without any preparation. Their film training may be little or a lot depending and they may have some or no idea what they are getting involved in. The psycho-social dynamics of a Camelot interview are roundly not understood by many judging from the responses I get and that are posted on youtube. One must understand that we have exactly no money to pay anyone to act as a ‘crew’… and therefore it has been a very unpredictable set of circumstances for each and every interview conducted while traveling in some far away country.

I never know where an interview will take place so the lighting and space are often problematic and so is the mental state of the interviewee. Take that with the psycho-tronic warfare going on — all around us — but often aimed and targeted at the interview subject during the interview (and at me by the way) and you have a recipe for almost certain disaster or at the very least a rocky technical terrain.

Please do understand that originally, when Project Camelot was a team of 2 people… in that sort of stable configuration for the time, we were able to provide at least some modicum of technical basis for the interview. Under the current situation, I travel alone and only occasionally have assistance on the interviews. That is why you will from time to time, see me using only one camera and not have the luxury of the roving cam along with a static one… As I am also an empathic intuitive I will enter a state of resonance with the interviewee (regardless of how it appears to the viewer) which will make focusing on the tech very difficult as doing both at once requires a split state of mind in which both tend to suffer… Therefore, I usually choose to favor the person and their info rather than pay attention to the technical during an interview.

There is no set design to the interviews at this time because when I travel I also have to carry my own equipment and I do not like weight and physical encumbrance of any kind. I prefer to travel light which is difficult when lugging a minimum of 2 cameras.. even if they are small digital ones.. tripods etc.

If you want to see technically perfect interviews I suggest you donate enough to make it possible to hire a professional camera crew for me to travel with and I guarantee you that is what you will get. However, as we recently found on some undisclosed shooting events for mainstream TV even then anomalous happenings will occur such as dropped sound, disappearance of footage and other unexplainable anomalies are unavoidable!

For the record.

On Reasonance

from the website of Randall Barolet:

…”In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with high amplitude when excited by energy at a certain frequency. This frequency is known as the system’s natural frequency of vibration, or resonant frequency. Perhaps best known of the simple harmonic oscillators is the tuning fork, or the pendulum, examples of ‘resonance’ which also can be used to provide a resonance response.

A resonant object, whether mechanical, acoustic, or electrical, will probably have more than one resonant frequency (especially harmonics of the strongest resonance). It will be easy to vibrate at those frequencies, and more difficult to vibrate at other frequencies. It will “pick out” its resonant frequency from a complex excitation. In effect, it is filtering out all frequencies other than its resonance. This is resonance response.

This resonance response is found in many physical situations involving resonant systems (such as human beings). This pendulum response can be learned to be perceived, or “read” by nearly anyone, with proper guidance and training that incorporates cultivation of a pure motivation to be of service, and a measure of equanimity, as in meditation practice. In the ultimate expression of this practice, the resonance response becomes able to be directly felt and known by the skillful and purely motivated practitioner, Thus, like yoga practice, the dowser’s work can be said to be developing “skill in action.” —click here for more

The above is submitted to help those who write in asking how to discern truth from falsity in the reports from witnesses….

Ultimately, the human heart is a perfect resonant chamber… learning to listen with ones heart is how you begin to develop an ‘ear’ for truth.

Ananda Bosman — Timewave 2011 Report

click here to view

Ananda Bosman, a fascinating and original thinker…


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Please contact [email protected]

Please do not volunteer unless you have time and commitment to follow through.

Thanks very much!!


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