June 24, 2011 – Update

Additional Note: for those viewing on Livestream the conf has 2 files… please view the one called Elenin: Part One first. It starts with the message from NASA…

The Elenin Conference is now concluded. We encourage everyone to view the POST CONFERENCE VIDEO STREAM available on Livestream.

The cost will be the same for the Post Conference stream as for the Live Event…Those who viewed it live or bought a ticket will be able to view it for an indefinite time. Everyone who has the current password will be able to use it to view.

If you paid and did not get in you will be sent an email shortly with login and pw details.

We ask in honor of the speakers who spent time preparing and sharing their work as well as on behalf of our technical team (Zoe, Tommy and myself) that you do not share this with others who have not paid.


If you bought a ticket at the early bird price you will have access on-going. If you bought a ticket today it will be available to you to stream on-going as well.

We apologize for the trouble accessing the conference… obviously those in power did not want this conference to take place!! We have had non-stop DOS (denial of service) attacks on our sites since last night and all week long. Please be patient. My technical team and me are working as hard and as fast as possible. There are only 3 of us.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Any questions or concerns contact: [email protected]

Best wishes,

Kerry Cassidy
Co-Founder Project Camelot
Project Camelot TV
Project Camelot Productions
Camelot Forum
Project Light Warrior


Additional Note:

TO pay for conference GO TO projectcamelot.tv


If you bought your ticket you will be sent the PW.

To view go DIRECTLY TO: www.livestream.com/projectcamelotlive

and enter password that you receive in your email.

Sites are back online now.

DOS attacks on our server

This is going on since last night. Please be patient and the tickets site will be up shortly. Keep checking back:projectcamelot.tv



Regarding Keith Hunter

For those who want to hear more about Keith Hunter go here to listen to my radio show with him.

And here for my prior livestream interview with Keith


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