May 16, 2011

A Lovely Message from an Indigo Child

click here for the TRANSCRIPTION: Total Recall by Indigo Child Matias De Stefano

Thank you to the person who sent me this. Matias is a lot like Boriska

Trees on Mars – Arthur C. Clarke & Robert Temple

During the panel discussion at Megalithomania here in Glastonbury yesterday, I heard the esteemed author Robert Temple speak of his close friendship with Clarke and the time when Clarke showed him photos of Mars that clearly showed trees growing on the surface. Clarke insisted to his old friend this was an accurate NASA photo. In front of the entire audience Robert Temple asserted that he is quite sure his friend Clarke was not misleading him in this regard. As I told the crowd and Temple, those photos have been seen by us and are available on the net by the way. Here’s a link to one such

Note: You will note that the SUN article states these are not trees but “sand”… I would lay odds that Clarke is much more likely to be telling the truth. Project Caemlot endeavored to get an interview with Arthur C. Clarke before he died and we were unfortunately unsuccessful. We were told by Henry Deacon (Arthur Neumann) and Richard C. Hoagland that Arthur C. Clarke knew a great deal about what is really going on behind the scenes.

I will never forget Arthur Neumann’s emphasis on Clarke’s 2010 A Space Odyssey “ALL THESE WORLDS ARE YOURS EXCEPT EUROPA. ATTEMPT NO LANDING THERE.” Not long ago I asked a source about thiis and was told, that the reason Europa is off-limits is because it is a “military outpost”.. The next question I had which has yet to be answered is, whose?…

Queen and Obama to visit Dublin

click here for one article on Queen’s visit

click here for an article on Obama’s visit

Here in the UK I am hearing that they shut down the city of Dublin and that the Queen will be visiting Dublin on the full moon on the 18th and be there through the 20th followed by Obama who will arrive on the 23rd. It has been suggested that ceremonies associated with the full moon are going on… Otherwise, why the sudden great interest in Ireland by the ‘monarchs’?

With the set up of a false terrorist threat alloiwng them to shut down portions of Dublin what rite is underway in Ireland that requires such secrecy? Or is this simply a move to demonstrate their respective influence over Ireland?


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