May 2, 2011

The X-Files 1st Season

Mulder: They’re here aren’t they?

Mr. X: Mr. Mulder ‘they’ve’ been here for a long, long time.”

-season 1 episode 2

Quake activity increasing along CA-Nevada border

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New Obama Birth Certificate Forensic Forgery

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And the hits just keep on comin’… lies and more lies

Re: Bin Laden Lie and how the sheep are buying it ie. state of being awake and aware on the Planet “….this is like taking the patient’s temperature…and finding out the patient is STILL DYING”– Paladin

Personally I can’t dignify this recent news item with any piercing analysis… First we get crash site dummies (Roswell) then the fake Obama birth certificate and now THIS!!! Trotting out a dead man years later… for what purpose? Isn’t it bad enough that Prince William gets married on same day as Hitler and Eva Braun? These people have no shame and no compunction to stop them from any manner of behavior.

For those who want to think logically about this utter nonsense… Jon Rappaport’s recent email :


MAY 2, 2011. 9:15 am, Pacific Time. Everything could change minute by minute, but right now there are serious questions…

The face photo of a dead bin Laden that has been circulating on British media online sites is a fake. That has been confirmed by TheGuardian site. It’s a composite of an old bin Laden photo and an unknown dead man whose face was mashed up. The Guardian has the photos on its site, and you can see the fake was put together from two others.

GEO TV, a Pakistani media outlet, had apparently been reporting that Pakistani forces just killed bin Laden. That story: a Pakistani military helicopter was doing a search mission and was shot down by unknown persons. Pakistani troops then engaged in a fire fight with the shooters, and in that clash bin Laden was killed.

Now, however, on the GEO site, the story is changed. The new version is the official one. A US operation killed bin Laden

GO to his site for more on this….

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