Sirhan Sirhan – Mind Control Defense – New Evidence

April 30, 2011

Sirhan Sirhan – Mind Control Defense – New Evidence

Documents filed in federal court could reopen RFK Assassination Case. Attorney William F. Pepper is convinced Sirhan was a victim of mind control.

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Special note: I recently interviewd William F. Pepper on my radio show on American Freedom Radio the night before he filed the documents. We discussed this case as well as the murder of Martin Luther King and the framing of James Earl Ray, a case he also handled and wrote a book about called “An Act of State.”

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The Radiation issue and the Russian advances in Cancer research

Many people are very concerned over the whole issue of radiation due to the meltdown of the Japanese reactors. So I wanted to put forward a few ideas along these lines for your consideration.

First of all, there are differing views on the amount of radiation going around the globe right now. Some are measuring the levels as being very high and others say the readings are lower and not at dangerous levels. This in itself is rather interesting. Apparently, there are some who are saying that the instruments globally are being skewed — messed with by ET groups (set higher than actual) in order to mislead people into a fear based frame of mind… those ET or alien races who feed off such emotions that is… others are saying that the actual readings are lower and that off-planet races are working to dissipate and handle the radiation so we not affected by the fall-out. Obviously this is hard to verify in any way…

Aside from that confusion, there is the issue of how we react to radiation. From my perspective as you become more self aware and fully enlightened, you are more in the place of deciding what will and won’t affect you.. in all ways. And you can either attract or repel radiation just as you would anything else. It’s all a matter of how you view it. So in order to get into this frame of mind, you simply have to put your consciousness into a place of neither attracting or repelling but simply doing neither. And the affect will be nil upon you.

In addition to this concept is to keep in mind what has been learned about cancer and indeed all forms of disease. And that is that dis-ease is only allowed into your body if you decide you need it for some reason. It is caused to become entrenched due to unresolved feelings such as anger, resentment and so on. Once you recognize this relation to dis-ease then you find the way to deal with such is to work on and resolve the emotional issues and mental blocks that preceded the condition and thereby eliminate the cause.

Another thing that comes to mind is some information we heard while interviewing Valery Uvarov in Russia back in here for the interview

If memory serves, during this interview he talked with us about some discoveries the Russians had made around cancer and a technique for healing it… I can’t remember whether this was on or off-camera. But he said that what they had found was that cancer was primarily found to arise in older people who had led a sort of advanced lifestyle where they had begun to eat healthy, exercise and do all the right things including meditate and so on. But that the strange thing that happened was that those people who are around 60 or older would reach a kind of brick wall, where their physicality would suddenly react and rebel against the higher frequency vibrations and develop cancer. It was as if the body couldn’t deal with the higher frequency for a prolonged period of time and so would break down and develop cancer to slow itself down. It was in a state of resistance.

So what they did was, they built 9 pyramids outside the city of St. Petersburg. They did this for more than one reason, but almost by accident they found that if they sent the cancer patients into the pyramids to meditate for a certain number of days… I forget how long, they would be cured or show marked recovery. What seemed to happen is that the combination of intense meditation for days, or weeks, would allow the body to re balance itself. I saw it as the body was perhaps recalibrating itself so it could adjust itself to the higher vibration. And so the person was cured. It’s as if the body was able with the assistance of the pyramid shape to overcome a kind of hurdle or block in its ability to handle a certain level of frequency.

Anyway, this is food for thought in terms of how some people might deal with the rise in radiation levels globally and see how any advent of cancer be eliminated.

Lastly, I think there is an additional way of viewing this situation that could be helpful. And that is to widen ones consciousness, metaphorically speaking, to where, you are no longer fixed in the 3D material world but instead put yourself into a state of consciousness whereby you are able to inhabit consciously the 4th and even 5th dimensions simultaneously, as we do anyway unknowingly… Doing this consciously will enable you to be nonlocal in a way that will make the affects of the 3D much less impactful to where the physical becomes more ethereal and less solid. This is a state of mind that will be necessary as we move into the next few years in order to best handle the changing vibrational rate and still maintain physical form. Of course assuming you have a fully formed ‘light body’ you will be able to do this with no problem and ultimately, you can leave behind the physical completely and proceed with the light body alone into the next dimension and density.

Adventures in Time Travel

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