April 28, 2011

NEW! John Doe whistleblower testimony… a Project Camelot Productions Exclusive

Testimony regarding coming Earth changes, Underground Bases, Planet X or the Dark Star and the Nordics working with the secret government…

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Chemtrails over Britian

From an undisclosed source:

…”instead of the Alternative media talking about the non-existent radiation from Japan, the latest scaremonger tactic, they should be talking about something far worse and nefarious, and that is, the millions of tons of chemicals being dumped in the atmosphere day and night. In Britain it has become so bad that a chemical mist envelopes everything, you can see this filth right in front of your eyes. You cannot even see the hills in the short distance because the chemical smog is so bad, everything in the distance is blotted out because of this now permanent, chemical smog. This is the worst crime imaginable and yet no is talking about it, it must be costing trillions of dollars for the black ops, and yes, I mean trillions because there are thousands of tanker Jet aircraft flying over per day. This is unbelievable and no one is talking about it.”

Thank you to this source for their uncompromising courage in reporting this! Wake up… share what you know… the time is NOW.

Listen Up People:

This is the deal, even the most unawakened human has unlimited potential. This is what they don’t want you to know. The propaganda out there telling you that you are dumb and limited is NOT TRUE!! The opposite is true. They, the controllers and beings from elsewhere are scared sh–tless of you because what you have — what all humans have is the ability to GROW… in every way imaginable… Unlimited. Get it? Recognize this and take off the blinders and simply that acknowledgement will change your life.

As David Icke would say “human beings get off your knees!” Become who you really are.. and there is no stopping you.