04/11/2011 – Energy Wars: the Real Game-Changer

April 11, 2011

Energy Wars: the Real Game-Changer

Evidence appears to be mounting that the earthquake in Japan was if not triggered then escalated in size during a particular window of opportunity caused by a hyperdimensional configuration (see my radio show with Keith Hunter for more on this factor)…

Regarding the Honshu area of Japan, if you look back at earthquakes over the past year you will see how very active that particular area had been prior to the 9.0 earthquake. What this indicates to me is that this was a weakness that could have been targeted and exploited within a certain 'window of opportunity' presented by energetics that involve the sun.

If this were a murder (and evidence mounts that it was in essence a mass-murder) then you could say opportunity was present and the only question left is motive. The summation below of Fulford's material leads one to suspect at least one motive but this is still not fully clear. I have been querying my sources on this aspect of things.

If the motive was propelled by some aspect of economics or financial gain then the question remains 'who benefits'. What hasn't been brought up so far but what has come to me intuitively in this incident with Japan as well as the Christchurch earthquake is the fact that here on this planet in a wider sense we are engaged in Energy Wars… And at root there are at least 2 (and probably more see water and food as two more recent elements in the game) major interests at work: the nuclear industry and the petroleum/oil industry.

Looking over the history of Japan in terms of the ingenuity and brilliance of the Japanese people and surveying the playing field for zero point/free energy around the world, it seems very likely to me that Japan, being a small country at the mercy of other countries for access to energy, would, behind the scenes be focusing on the development of free energy. Their record as leading edge entrepreneurs in all fields but especially the technical is well documented. Therefore I would say behind all the smoke and mirrors of payments and extortion is a much more compelling reason for the targeting… namely, if Japan were to be contemplating a retreat from involvement with Old World energy and be moving toward using free energy this is where a real motive for the targeting begins to make sense.

Granted, this is only speculation on my part. However, when people talk about money being a reason for actions on the level of the secret world government cabal's actions I think they are missing the point. In my view, there is no need for them to operate by and for money alone… Money is simply the means of exchange, a by-product of their actions. At the level we are talking about, money can be printed, stolen and is being made in quantities only dreamt of in things like drug wars and of course off oil and control over resources…The real intention must be centered around something more primary… Energy. When all is said and done — the real war going on is around forms of energy. And through our work in Camelot when you sift through the massive topics and confusion surrounding ufos, ET visitation, power games and wars conducted both on and off this planet by the secret government in collusion with various ET races… it all comes down to energy. The focus becomes namely who holds the reigns on forms of energy. This is where their power resides, in the ability to manipulate the game through control of energy. Zero-point or free energy (that many would argue is not actually 'free) is what it all comes down to.

There is no doubt about the suppression being exercised over free energy on the planet right now. This is the elephant in the room or the dirty little secret. And as free energy activitists and inventors worldwide will tell you, this is the one thing that can get you killed.

I cite numerous whistleblower testimony on this from our witnesses including ex-astronaut Brian O'Leary who has done extensive work on this topic and written a book about it called, The Energy Revolution, Henry Deacon (aka Arthur Neumann), Jake Simpson, Wade Frazier, George Green, Rich Dolan and Michael Schratt… As well as Gordon Novel and Steven Greer. It's all about free energy and keeping this technology out of the hands of the masses and forcing them to live in an old paradigm economy of limitation based around oil and nuclear energy… As every one of these witnesses know, the minute you introduce free energy into the mix the entire game changes. Out the door go both nuclear energy and petroleum/oil industries… and starvation and the domination integral to a system that runs on a model based on deprivation, that is, the haves vs. the have-nots. Without this polarized model of limitation, power games become obsolete. And the powers-that-wish-they could stay in power but are losing the game due to the rapid expansion of consciousness, know this better than anyone.

Alex Collier predicted the current situation with Japan

In this clip from 1995 Alex Collier talks about plans the secret government had for sinking of Japan…unearthed by David Farman of Alienshift.

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Overview of Benjamin Fulford's Evidence of Haarp or EMP induced Earthquake in Japan

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