March 19, 2011

Your Light Body

Bottom line: Develop and enhance your light body through meditation… nothing is stronger than this in protecting you from radiation or whatever the cosmos dishes out.

Censored Science – Yellowstone activity, Portion of Big Sur Hwy 1 highway falls into sea…

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Date for Awake & Aware in LA 2011:

I have settled on the weekend September 23, 24, & 25 for the conference so as not to conflict with the Alchemy Conference on the prior weekend.

We need someone to help secure a venue: hotel with a large conference room that allows for 500-1000+ people. Please contact me at with VENUE in the subject line if you can help.

Link between CERN LHC Restart Date and 9.0 EQ in Japan

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“…Since the machine switched on in 2010, there has been a significant -100% increase on Earthquakes from the statistical mean of 13 plus 7, to 21 in 2010 and this year mean of 25 . No other significant change on magnetic fields have taken place on Earth. Moreover, for the first time in history, two super-earthquakes over 8.8 in the Richter scale (Chile and Japan), happened in consecutive years… This possible chain of cause-effect, which we predicted in our first post on this web 2 years ago, added to the evident risks of 2014, when the machine upgrades its strength beyond the 10 Tev barrier of creation of black holes show the immense risks on human lives of this machine.” –blog Dr. Luis Sancho, World Chair of the Science of Time (Duality)

Don’t miss his Documentary:FINAL WEAPON: Quantum Rouletteon this page:

Another quote…

..”Even Mr. Assange, of wikileaks fame, a physicist himself, whose organization receive the leak of the Castor papers earlier last summer refused to take on the issue. Such is the faith we have in our technologies of mass destruction.” –Dr. Luis Sancho

link to Harper’s Magazine article written by Dr. Luis Sancho

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Kelp Powder Recommended for Radiation

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Rosemary Protects Against Effects of Radiation

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U.S. Military Announces Evacution Plan for Japan (of military family members)

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My question: Is this for all Japanese or only U.S. military families??

Japanese People Abandoned say Mayor of Town Near Epicenter

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People, please do not rely on officials to chart your path through disasters as they arrive. Use your own intuition to guide you.