March 18, 2011

US Military Partial Block on (it’s own network) to certain websites…

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This has got to be nonsense. As if they actually were affected by web traffic! lol — assuming this is the military personnel access to those sites and not the general public in Japan.

Awake & Aware in LA – slated for September 2011 – Volunteers Needed

Due to popular demand I am organizing this conference again for Sept 2011. Any volunteers who would like to help please write to me at and put VOLUNTEER in caps in the subject line.

I am primarily looking for those who are familiar with working conferences and team leads to begin this process. We need to book a hotel and venue at a reasonable price. This conference will be given at a hotel with conference facilities on site.

All volunteers will get free access to the conference.

Fish surfacing gave advance warning of Japan’s recent quake…

Note: this article was written in 2010 but posted to the Telegraph on March 18, 2011…not sure what is going on here.

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Don’t miss my recent radio show on American Freedom Radio with Benjamin Fulford and Dr. John Waterman… archive show available here

Also recommended: Project Camelot interview with Benjamin Fulford from 2008. This interview goes in depth with Fulford and is one of the best for revealing where he’s coming from and why he knows what he knows…