02/11/2011 – My Point of View

February 11, 2011

I wrote the following several weeks ago and sent it to Bill. I wanted him to be aware of my pov of what he is doing. I have held off publishing it until now because I did not want it to appear I was attacking him. Whereas, I love Bill as a friend and comrade in this struggle, the present situation calls for a deeper look into the psychology of why they chose him for their 'operation' and what vulnerabilities they are targeting. There is no doubt that this is an operation most likely coming out of Tavistock or at the very least being closely monitored by them. This is written in hopes of revealing a bit of the truth behind the "image" some have simply because it is so needed at this time when many are being led astray, in my view.

The Perils of Resistance or How Do You Talk to a Murderer?

My formal reply to the recent Commentary video statement from Bill Ryan of Project Avalon

The latest Commentary and "Interview" with Charles, the assassin/fixer turned representative and protector of Bill Ryan is frought with problems.  Which is why my latest response was to cite the film "Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb".  The key to the dilemma here is understanding what Bill Ryan is doing in relation to the job of an interviewer and investigative reporter.  The problem is that he is neither.  His approach to Charles and the 33 has been to perform a service.  In his chosen role, he has placed himself in the position of becoming the ideal "student" and "auditor" rolled into one.

What do I mean by auditor?  Because Bill has spent around 30 years studying and being audited as part of his immersion into Scientology — by way of a break-off group called Ron's Org. this is what he has learned to do.  He has never studied to be a journalist… Nor has he actually studied to be a leader of a revolution of any kind.  And this is crucial to understanding how he approached his role when Charles and the 33 approached him.  It is necessary to also state that "they" would have accurately assessed that this is his background and therefore know exactly how he would perform.

Why is this a problem?  Because as an ideal "student" and "auditor" Bill sees his role as not one to question except to further elucidate or explain what it is "they" or his interview subject is trying to convey.  That's it.  In his view, he is there to "learn" and "understand" what is being said.  

And this, is what he therefore thinks anyone who interviews him (or anyone else for that matter) should also do, by the way.  He is not there, in his own view, to really question or analyze from the perspective of a journalist… an investigative journalist… His job, as he sees it, is simply there to absorb and report.  He becomes, for the purposes of his time with Charles and by default therefore with the 33–a blank slate.  And this is the reason for my sarcasm.  

Instead of bringing the vast amount of background and knowledge he has to the table in dialog and interchange with Charles, he shelves that in favor of making himself pliable and comforting.  In other words, an auditor.  You could view an auditor as being similar to a therapist.  They will listen, not interrupt or even really participate actively in any way…other than to help the person reveal what it is they want to say.  They facilitate.  They encourage even.

Why is this a problem?  Because that is not what, in my view, is needed here.  Whereas, one could certainly make a case that Charles and indeed the 33 could use all the therapy they can get… The role of Project Camelot and presumably, by default Project Avalon (Bill's Half)… is not just to bring information to the people but to analyze new information in light of what is already "known".  And to question in order to get to the bottom of a mystery.  

And this is where Bill and I depart ways.  Because for Bill, listening sympathetically and reporting information is something he does well and what he has been taught to do.  But this is not sufficient for the task at hand.  Why?  Because in this arena, where humans are put into a situation where in essence the jailhouse guards and self-appointed rulers are suddenly accessible to dialog, his approach falls drastically short of anything the least bit satisfying to the needs of the situation.  There is no sense in any of Bill's material with relation to Charles… that he is able to compare and contrast with say, our previous witness testimony, historical knowledge, or show any sense of being able to spot an inherent contradiction in the material, when faced with the facile (and highly questionable) statements from Charles in respect to the 33 and their supposed position and point of view.

This is not helpful to solving our problem or indeed to saving the 2/3rds of the human race from the planned GENOCIDE.  Yes, boys and girls, what the viewer knows (or at least a good portion of our enlightened audience knows) is that Charles represents the group that has (if they are who they say they are and not just 33 very rich, deluded, old white men) the button in their hand to throw the switch to eliminate 2/3rds of the human race.  GENOCIDE in a scale beyond what even your average run-of-the-mill genocide involves.  

And here we have Bill, sweetly placing himself into his role as polite and mannered "auditor" and unquestioning student.  Doesn't this strike you as a bit odd?  Certainly Houston, we have a problem.  Because planet Earth is at the brink and the men at the controls are very likely jumping for joy, because they have just 'acquired' their target (to use a military term)… one of the leaders in the resistance.  Alas, my partner in Camelot, an organization that has been at the forefront of the information revolution and awakening for the masses.  We are the resistance.  Our job is to save the world.  In my view, if this were a Terminator movie, then we are Sarah Connors and her son.  We are supposed to be, yes, Mulder and Scully of the X-Files.  In my view, our mission is to be among those that lead the investigation discover humanity's destiny, not just to file it away on a shelf, but to use that information to reveal the Controllers, OZ behind the curtain and in so doing, disempower them.

And this is why we have been a threat and why we now have a big problem.  In getting alongside them by way of Charles, Bill has become their scribe.  Just as the mainstream media has become the scribe of the Controllers… Workers in their massive publicity machine, informing the masses of their intentions, and even, rationalizing those intentions using the Illuminati's own rationale for what they intend to do.  Which is again, massacre over time,… fully 2/3rds of the population this planet.

So why is he doing this?  Has he lost his mind, has he been programmed?  I imagine, knowing him as well as I do, that he thinks he is being clever.  In placing himself in this subservient and pliable role he is learning their methods and information in order to later turn around and use it against them.  This is most likely his plan, if he has bothered to have one.
Unfortunately, it won't work… In fact, it has already failed.  Why?  Because in allowing himself to be co-opted he has furthered their agenda.  

It may be that he hopes, that in becoming their docile apprentice he will be granted access to their secret abode, and then be granted audience to them, at which time he will try to argue for the lives of the 2/3rds of the human race.  Unfortunately, his chances of success are nil.  Why is that?

Well, this goes back to who exactly these 33 are… to of course bloodlines.
Most likely, these 33 are the descendants of the original Reptilian-Human Hybrids that came to this planet from the Sirius galaxy… planet Sirius B, if I understand it correctly.  And their plan has always been to take over planet Earth and to dominate it and rule according to the principles of their forefathers… more a reptilian agenda than a human one.

And there is no way, they are going to move off that agenda, without a fight.
And this is why, we need Bill to remember his mission, remember what he has learned as part of years of investigation as half of Project Camelot and to continue to help lead the Resistance to the Controllers.  

And maybe, even in time, to learn what being an investigative reporter really entails and next time he is approached by a witness or assassin from the dark side, manage to reveal the information while at the same time keeping the context in mind and asking the good questions that reveal the method behind the madness and not to be co-opted or cross the fine line between inquiry and agreement.

In the spirit of the resistance,


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