February 5, 2011

What do you do when friends and allies fall for the “V” configuration?

Because that’s what we are looking at with the Charles Material as Charles’ self appointed master who “sheds his skin”, we are told, dictates his moves. And meanwhile Charles churns out the same information that has been out there all along.. giving it just enough twist to make the “followers” think they are getting the real thing. And then on top of it.. these ‘chosen’ few on Avalon are now being told they are part of the ‘new world’ building a new society…. all made possible by Charles courtesy of his “master” who has supposedly broken away from the 33 (same number used to designate the Committee of the Majority in Majestic/Sion… by the way) of not-necessarily-world -rulers but something related to that — aptly vague… using Charles as their main liaison?

Why can’t they see the Reptilian Agenda? Why don’t they get that they are being sold a bill of goods? What’s the bait?

During these times you have to carefully consider who it is you are supporting and where they are leading you. Covert threats and ritualistic behaviors are key signals that you are dealing with a Reptilian race. To say nothing of the Nazi protocols having already referred to that in my previous post. Pay attention, learn discernment. At some point you have to choose.

[recently posted on Camelot Forum here under Kerry’s Forum: new topic.]


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