January 1, 2011

The Rulers of the World – Bill Ryan’s interview with the man sent to “deal” with him and Project Camelot (because we have become a problem)

Highly recommended.

The information here is not new for Camelot supporters. But it does give a slightly different angle on the same material. A look at the way a group who consider themselves the Controllers think and plan for the future. A game of cat and mouse that eventually gets round to substantiating the active threat from the sun, GMO seeds, plans for population elimination and the importance of certain bloodlines to their plans. Interstellar craft, bases on Mars and the moon… the reality of ET, plans for Project Blue Beam and underground bases here on Earth..this is all in there and given passing reference.

What is perhaps most interesting is what isn’t said. Because of this individual’s interaction with what appears to be AI … the assassin decides not to take out his target… and instead engages in a dialog with him.

Note: Of course we know they tried to take us down.. first by helping make the split happen — this didn’t work because what was one problem then became two problems and because the so-called split wasn’t permanent 🙂 Note: a supposedly separate group was sent to deal with me. But I was told, that a certain person stepped in on my behalf to stop that action.

One note: anyone who has paid attention knows that craft were shot down… and as a result crashed. There has been an ongoing war going on. The STS footage showing us shooting at one… is all over the net including here: (about 7 mins into my documentarty short entitled Have You Seen a UFO).

Bill’s interview links:




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